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1825 LIVERPOOL Streets ~ No.16


After the cold and wet journey to and from Moffat in Scotland, I was glad to get back to Liverpool. The coach journey was awful, flooded roads, rivers of mud and ruts so deep that in places the underside of the coach was catching on the bank of earth forming down the middle of the road. The poor horses were straining to get us through and I'm sure were relieved when a new team was hitched up at Lancaster after the haul over Shap ~ in the fog. My fellow passengers were a miserable lot and I was glad to see the lights of Liverpool and the Mersey. Of course you will remember that once back in the town the fog was as bad as ever and and stayed until after my visit to the Custom House, but since then the air has cleared, and now this evening I have decided to continue my rambles round the streets. The lamp lighters have done their rounds, and the sky has become a dark purple now encrusted with thousands of stars and there is a full moon. All this lends itself to a brisk walk, so here we go:

CAZNEAU STREET (21 Rose Place)
1   E. P. Parry
2   Mrs J. Priestley
3   Mrs R. McCollum
4   N. Morrison (Royal Navy)
5   W. Caistor
6   Thomas Mahoney
7   Mrs E. Houghton
8   Mrs N. Hill
9   James Spence
10  John Colquhoun
11  Daniel Waterhouse
12  George King
13  Nicholas Distell
14  Isaac Mitchinson
15  Robert Thomson
16  James Blundell
17  Joseph Robinson
18  T. P. Moore
18  Stephen Moore
19  James Bateson
20  Richard Bryans

CHALONER STREET (35 Bridgewater Street)
1   R. and J. Russel
2   Joseph Horn & Co..
3   John Ivester
5   James Robinson
7   William Phillips
9   John Seddon
CHAPEL PLACE (15 Erskine Street)
2   Henry Glenton
3   Henry Gosling
4   Mrs M. Mathews
5   John Ingham
6   Edward Brown
7   George Kewley
8   G. F. Kingsley
9   John Haselden
10  John Claxton
11  Mrs S. Quirk
12  Mrs L. Cross
13  Mrs M. Dean
14  John Sanders
15  Richard Ellerton
16  Mrs E. Woodrooffe
CHAPEL STREET (1 Exchange Street West)
R. Arrott & Co..
14  Samuel Wade
15  Dixon, Waln & Lace
20 Duff & Browne
21  Mary Barton
22  Matthew Hoye
23  Edward Jones
25  Mary Highfield
27  J. A. Kaye
29  Samuel Clemesha
        Falkners, Ackers & Mawdsley
        Falkners & Mawdsley
        William Heaton
        J. Kearsley & Son
        I. B. Smith & Co..
        G. J. Wainwright

CHARLOTTE PLACE (24 East side Salthouse dock)
David Allen
William Ker
Thomas Rice
Evan Williams
CHARLOTTE STREET (27 East side Salthouse dock)
1   Henry O'Brien
8   Robert Whittle & Co..
12  James Devlin
16  Mary Kirkham
21  John Simpson (senior)
CHATHAM PLACE (Grinfield Street)
Arthur Lowe
William Dixon (junior)
Mrs M. Gill
John Thompson
CHATHAM STREET (4 Crabtree Lane)
1   John More
2   Mrs C. L. Philips
2  N. G. Philips
3   C. and A. Rigby
4   Samuel Lacon
5   Rev. J. Jones, A.M..
6   Mrs A. Mitchell
6   Thomas Ogilvie
7   Robert McWilliam
8   Matthew Wotherspoon
9   W. A. Brown

CHAUCER STREET (135 North Scotland Road)
6   Lieutenant H. G. Miller (Royal Navy)
7   John Highfield
8   Alice Willacy
10  Robert Hollingshead
11  Richard Hall
13  Margaret Jopson
14  Elizabeth Yates

CHERRY LANE (11 Bevington Bush)
1   William Magee
9   John Smith
10  Daniel Rothwell
12  John Woodburn
16  John Leece
18  Edward Bridge
19  E. Stuart
25  Thomas Bretherton

CHESTER STREET (10 Upper Stanhope Street)
1   Joseph Berks
2   Peter Maddock
3   John Inglis
4   John Brandreth
7   Thomas Croston
8   James Ryder
9   Edward Edwards
10  Peter Allen
11  John Gill
12  Mrs E. Herbert
13  Mrs E. Child
14  Rev. William Hincks
15  James Rickarby
16  James Grocot
17  Roylance Child
18  William Cross
19  John Forshaw
20  David Philips
21  William Hall

It is now nearly 10 o/clock at night, and the earlier damp cobbles are now coated with a thin layer of ice, which makes them look like a multitude of diamonds picking up light from the moon, stars and street lamps. It is however becoming difficult to walk in clogs on this icecovered surface, so I am again going to call into the Ale House I found on my last travels. I will however restrict my intake this time, as the reception I received on returning home last time was to say the least, extremely frosty!!! Depending on the weather in the morning I will probably go down to the waterfront to continue finding out the destinations of the Coastal Sailing vessels. When I come back to the roads and streets, I will be starting with CHESTERFIELD STREET.