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1825 LIVERPOOL Streets ~ No.21


In case some of you wonder where I have been, I am printing out the two letters I sent recently to all my friends telling them of another proposed visit north of the border. "I am off on the Mail Coach to Moffat in Scotland tomorrow night" (20th January) "via Lancaster and Carlisle. I hope the horses make it over Shap, in winter this can be very dodgy. I will bwe returning on Thursday" (I didn't!) "to continue my wanderings. Canal information for my mariner friends; starting a walk up Dansie Street finishing with Dry Dock' south-end and a visit to the Post Office." "I bet you are all wondering what's happened to the 'Liverpool Rambler'. Well just to put you all in the picture you will remember I was going to Scotland on the Royal Mail Coach on 20th January. This visit proved to be longer than intended, for reasons I do not need to expound here ~ needless to say the weather didn't help and our return journey was horrific. Shap was snow-bound and the road between Lancaster and Liverpool was virtually impassable with water filled ruts and knee-deep mud. We had several changes of horses on route, and to cap it all when we eventually reached our destination, our daughter and son-in-law had gale damage to their home and billeted themselves with us!" We are now more or less straight and being a dry day, I thought it time to don myboots and do a bit more walking.... ....starting with DANSIE STREET.

DANSIE STREET (21 St. Andrew Street)
3   John Charnley
4   William Hibbert
6   John Pickering
8   William Evans
9   Elizabeth Farra
DARWIN STREET (72 south side Old Dock)
2   William Roberts
4   George Clare
5   P. MacMillan
8   Raylands Sale
9   Griffith Hughes
12  Martha Ball
DAULBY STREET (57 London Road)
1   Henry Yates
1   Mrs M. Yates
2   George Bolton
3   Mrs B. Finlayson
4   Mrs S. Minshull
5   Rev. W. Shingleton
6   Hugh Scholfield
7   Mrs E. Quayle
7   George Quayle
8   Richard Hardman
9   R. E. Hyde
10  Thomas Martin
11  Captain J. Hamer
12  Mrs M. Bernard
13  George Bustard
14  Henry Wilson
15  Mrs I. Fearon
15  M. Thornborrow
16 John Redish
17  Samuel Carrington
18  John Davies
19  Charles Bardswell
21  William Houghton
DEANE STREET (18 Ranelagh Street)
1   James Parke
3   Isabella Sill
4   James MacLean
5   Wood Brothers & Co..
DERBY SQUARE (43 Castle Street)
Woodward & Son
1   G. H. Thompson
2   William Harrison
3   John Boulton
DERBY STREET (Wavertree Road)
1   Robert Livesey
7   Sarah Bateman
10  P. Barrows
DEVON STREET (8 Stafford Street)
1   William Jackson
2   Samuel Brabner
3   T. W. Manlove
4   Jonathan Atherton
5   Thomas Wylde
6   Samuel Franceys
7   Mrs E. Mumford
8   John McCann
9   William Lewis
10  William Guy
11  Henry Robinson
14  Philip Turner
15  Daniel Trueman
16  R. E. Sims
17  William Roberts
18  William Bewsher
19  James Wilson
19A  William Christian
20  John Bogie
22  W. M. Frodsham
23  Benjamin Harrison
24  Thomas Hughes
25  Mrs H. Brocklebank
26  Henry Rigmaiden
27  Thomas Kendrick
28  John Mawdsley
29  John Elias
30  James Orme
31  Edward  Johnson
33  John Blanchard
35  Mrs M. Lindsay
36  Mrs E. Casson
37  John Shaw
DEVONSHIRE PLACE (Netherfield Lane, north)
John Pearson
William Abram
Richard Standing
John Jackson
T. Gibson (junior)
James Smith
Joseph Attwood
Mrs S. Kirkman
John Harrop
Joshua Smith
T. M. Perkins
1   Mrs S. Johnson
2   Richard Barrowclough
3   Thomas Meadowcroft
4   Mrs E. Riding
5   R. H. Milner
6   Miss E. Paterson
7   William Carter
8   W. J. Gandy
DEXTER STREET (1 St. James' Place)
1   Joseph Fletcher
2   Thomas Watson
3   Mrs L. Hindley
4   R. M. Owen
7   Joseph Head
DORAN LANE (27 Lord Street)
2   Abigail Knight
3   T. W. Mawdsley
4   A. T. Patterson
DRURY LANE (14 Water Street)
1   John Lang
2   John Davies
3   James Adams
7   Elizabeth Rydman
8   James Perrin
8   Timothy Donovan
9   John Neale
10  Jane Gorman
13  Jones Evans
14  John Brennan
15  John Garner
16  Joseph Cowell
19  Joseph Gregg
22  Ann Shepherd
23  George Henshaw
24  Blain & Sandars
25  Peter Marrow
26  Thomas Hale
27 John McCammon
29  Henry Wood
31  J. Pattinson & Co..
32  Lorentz Braun
33  Ramsbottom & Hutchinson
34  Rowland Roscow
34  Evans & Trokes
34  Parr & Son
DRY DOCK, north-end (13 Bird Street)
1   Gibbons & Healing
2   Urmson & Dawson
3   Sydebotham & Jenkins
4   William Dowson
DRY DOCK, east-side (25 Redcross Street)
6   George Corke
7   Thomas Roy
7   Samuel Miles
8   David Rees
8   Robert Lloyd
9   Beaumont & Downing
10  J. and W. Rimmer & Co..
11  Charles Jones
12  Thomas Boyd
13  Alison & Fleeming
13  George MacMinn
14  Joseph Nicholson
14  Moffat, Martin & Co..
14 Moss & Hampson
15  Jacob Farnworth
16  Thomas Bedson
16 R. E. Sims
16  Martin & Nicoll
17  Geaton Daney
17  Nathaniel Rogerson
18  Robert MacAdam
18  William A. Brown
19  Ellen Winder
20  Ebenezer Rodger
20A Thomas Hooton
21  John Griffiths
22  William Roberts
22  Barnes & Tucker
23  J. & M. Fitzgerald
23  Thomas  Ingleby
24  Joseph Twist
24  John Christian
DRY DOCK, south-end (22 Bridge Street)
25  Ellison & Wilkinson
26A  James Cooper
28  Thomas Poole
29  William Wilkinson
30  Mary Griffiths
31  David Appleton
32  George Mack
33  John Williams
34  James Rathbone

That completes today's meanderings. My new boots are now well and truly 'run in' and no longer cause blistering! The weather, which up till now has proved quite kind, is threatening rain. Black clouds are glowering over the Mersey and the Wirral beyond, and with a strengthening southerly wind I feel we are in for the worst. I am therefore hurrying home, but not before calling to see Mr. and Mrs. Henry Yates at 1 Daulby Street ~ distant relatives (perhaps!). When we meet again, I will be starting on the long tramp through DUKE the meantime I will be visiting my friend W. BANNING Esq., Liverpool's postmaster and looking at the workings of the Post Office in Church Street, as well as finding new friends in the Canal trade.