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1825 LIVERPOOL Streets ~ No.22


It is now nearly one month since I ventured out and walked from DANSIE STREET to the south end of DRY DOCK. I did visit the Old Warehouse in the Liverpool Canal Basin two days after my walk and fourteen days ago went to see my friend WILLIAM BANNING at the Post Office. Having returned from that outing drenched to the skin, I succumbed to a very bad bout of influenza which kept me lying low for a week. Since then, I have been repairing the damage to my house caused by the runaway brewery dray. This in itself was not difficult ~ a new window frame and repairs to the brickwork. However, getting rid of ale soaked furnishings and the odour, was another matter......
Anyway I am sure you are waiting for me to get on with my perambulations and donning my new leather boots made specially for me by a well known Liverpool Cordwainer, I am off to tramp the cobbles in the very long DUKE STREET...............

DUKE STREET (71 Hanover Street)
1   John Slinger
2   J. & M. Ritchie
3   Tinley & Holt
4   Richard Holden
5   John O'Neill
6   L. MacLean, M.D.
7   Henry Wilson
8   Jaco Levi
9   James Martin
10  Thomas Anderson
11  John Coldwell
12  Peter Baynes
13  W. A. Smith
14  John Marshall
14  Robert Ker
15  A. Kennon
16  John Jackson
18  John Briscoe
19  Rawlins & Mawdsley
19  Mrs J. Creevey
20  Samuel Fletcher
23  Joseph Fernihough
24  John Lock
24  Frances Worrall
25  Bennett & Pearson
26  Mrs M. Evans
27  Henry Leigh
28  Mrs S. Ashton
29  Mrs A. Johnston
30  Mrs E. Clark
31  James Murphy
32  Thomas Williams
33  William Jones
34  Elizabeth Hodson
35  Mrs M. Dougherty
36  Edward Murray
37  Miss M. Johnson
38  Thomas Roberts
39  W. J. Anderson
40  Mrs J. Brighouse
41  Catherine Owen
42  Elizabeth Atherton
42  William Colquitt Esq.
43  Joseph Robinson
44  Mrs M. Thomason
45  S. Johnson
46  Samuel Wickham
47  William Fleetwood
48  Edward Nelson
49  James Fox
50  Samuel Rowland
51  S. Mounsey
51  Mrs E. Wilkinson
52  John Hayes
54  John Burnet
55  C. & M. Parr
56  Mrs M. Horton
57  Mrs M. Douty
57  Louisa Boys
57  Lieut. Thomas Boys
58  Miss S. Seager
60  Mrs A. Case
61  Joseph Hardman
63  Mrs M. Cubbin
64  William Ingram
65  T. Lutwyche
66  Hannah Skaife
67  Peter Platt
68  Mrs E. Hopkinson
68  Edward Garven
68  C. A. Dalmer
69  Mrs A. Naylor
70  Eli Harrison
71  Mrs E. Atkinson
71  William Lake
71  Mrs M. Lewis
72  Charles Pole
73  Mrs M. McGowan
74  James Gardner
75  J. D. Thornely
76  John Butcher
77  Mrs E. Charnley
78  Rev. C. Winstanley
83  Mrs M. Casson
84  J. J. Lightfoot
85  William Baines
86  Harriet Booth
87  Richard Rathbone
88  William Coupland
89  John Cropper
90  William Duff
93  William Briggs, M.D.
94  Elizabeth Murray
95  William Hughes
96  Mrs C. Backhouse
97  Mrs A. Bourne
98  John Bolton
99  Miss E. Black
100 Ralph Pearson
101 Mrs J. Thompson
103 Allan Pearson
104 Philip Nelson
106 Joseph Fearon
107 Mrs A. Stack
108 E. & M. Fisher
109 Nicholas Southwell
111 Alice Hatton
111 J. J.Hatton
113 Mrs J. Aspinall
114 Sir William Barton
115 John Eagleton
116 Ellison Frodsham
117 Mrs E. Twentyman
118 John Jackson
119 Thomas Guy
120 Mrs J. Smith
120 R. Brackenbury
122 Christopher Cashen
124 William Whitehouse
125 F. Jordan [junior]
126 Edward Delpla
127 William Forde
128 John Moore
129 C. R. Taylor
130 James Rose
131 Thomas Marsh
132 Elizabeth Ellis
133 Richard Langston
134 J. Herring & Son
135 George Ripley
135 Henry Dixon
137 William Wilson
138 Anthony Introvino
139 Thomas Harrison
139 Edward Thorpe
141 James Glover
142 Bennison & Frankland
143 Richard Asterley

By this time not only do I realize I have new boots but having eaten early, I am somewhat faint from lack of sustinence. Furthermore, the heavens are threatening rain and so retracing my steps a little I enter the portals of the Duke Street Hotel at No.132 where Elizabeth Ellis is the proprietor, and ordering a light repast of oatcakes, cheese and cold ham, I settle down in front of a cheerful fire with a jug of excellent ale. The clientele in this rather lavish establishment seems to be mostly of the professional class, and I am getting engrossed in some lively discussion on matters of the day. After some considerable time I realize that there are only about two hours of daylight left, and I saying farewell to my new found companions I set off again for DUKE STREET [Wavertree Road].

DUKE STREET (Wavertree Road)
1   Charles Lowndes
2   William Brown
3   H. Wheeler [junior]
4   Richard Leather
5   John Peers
6   Mrs W. Aspinall
7   John Holgate
8   Henry Byrom
9   Mrs M. Gregson
10  Miss E. Hulley
11  Samuel Berey
12  John Steel
     J. W. Gibsone
DUKE'S DOCK QUAY, north side (within the walls
of the Duke's Dock)
1   Thomas Bache
1   Crowley, Hicklin & Co.
1   Soresby & Flack
2   Office for trustees of the Duke of Bridgewater
3   John Sothern
4   Antwis & Sturland
4   Worthington & Co.
4   William Wakeman
4   Snell, Robins & Co.
4   John Simpson
5   J. Whitehouse & Son
6   Richard Barrow
6   Thomas Best
6   Danks & Tyler
6   Matthew Heath
6   H. Henshall & Co.
6   James Sutton & Co.
DUKE'S DOCK QUAY, south side (within the walls
of the Duke's Dock)
1   J. G.Ames & Co.
2   Kenworthy & Holts
3   Thomas Clifford
3   John Naegeli
E. Melling & Co.
J. Bibby & Co.
Rochdale & Halifax Co.
DUKE'S PLACE (38 east side Salthouse Dock)
1   R. Fogg & Co.
2   Breueil & Anderson
2A  Knowles & Croston
3   James Pearson
3A  Kenworthy & Holts
4   John Deakin
5   Thomas Ramsden
6   John Steele
7   John Price
9   G. T. Harrison
10  William Goodwin
11  T. J. Wood
11A Edward Furber
12  Solomon Mayers
DUKE'S ROW (within the walls of Duke's Dock)
1   Evan Morgan
2   Richard Robinson
3   John Owen
4   William Eggington.

By now the light is failing fast and a light drizzle is falling on the round cobble stones in the streets. People are hurrying in the gathering gloom wrapped up well against a chill wind blowing from the river. A lamplighter, armed with a long pole, passes by with a merry quip and disappears into the distance leaving a string of gently glowing globes of orange light behind him. Gathering pace, I quickly make for home and a hearty meal and a well deserved sleep........................ My next street travels will start with DUNCAN STREET EAST, but not before I find out who is carrying what by Land and Water and a return visit to the Post Office to see my friend WILLIAM BANNING..........