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1825 LIVERPOOL ~ Streets ~ No.23


Since my last walk-about, I have been gainfully engaged in brightening up our Parlour which, you will probably remember, received some unwelcome goods from our local brewery! For those of you who are not acquainted with the incident, I will briefly enlighten you. Some weeks ago a brewery dray careered down our street and collided with the wall of our dwelling, catapulting several fully laden barrels through our window and causing considerable damage to both the structure of our house and the furnishings and drapes in the room. All is now repaired and decorated, and new furniture installed. The aroma of yeast which pervaded the air for some considerable time, is now 'overcome' by the scent of spring flowers bought by my wife from the local flower seller who at this time of the year is selling her wares from a large basket near the top of the street. The day, has dawned brightly, and for the first time for months, song birds can be heard. Everything seems to be springing back to life............... ..........................I am therefore donning my walking attire and setting off for another jaunt!

DUNCAN STREET EAST (102 London Road)
1   Isaac Oxley
2   Peter Robinson
3   James Wilcocks
4   Thomas Martin
5   Miss H. Humphreys
6   John Tower
7   Robert Evans
8   William Pinnington
8   Mrs W. Pinnington
9   Richard Chadwick
9   Susanna Stables
15  Richard Fernyhough
16  Henry Bellamy
17  William Waring
17A Griffith Jones
18  William Driver
19  Richard Prince
19  Robert Roberts
20  Thomas Sweeney
21  William Lindop
24  John Williams
25  John Chester
27  Martin McClive
28  Mrs J. Green
32  David McDonald
33  Mrs M. Edwards
33  Thomas Salisbury
33  Lieut. W. Boardman
35  John Wilson
36  Mrs E. Fairclough
36  Robert Taylor
36  Thomas Arstall
37  W. W. Evans
DUNCAN STREET ~ ST. JAMES' (44 St. James' Street)
1   Thomas Dutton
2   B. H. Grimmenga
3   William Rezey
4   Richard Robinson
5   Hugh Blair
6   Mary Cook
7   Moses Smith
8   Patrick Murphy
9   Michael Lancaster
10  Elizabeth Atkinson
12  Thomas Lloyd
13  Thomas Crookenden
14  James Marriner
15  Thomas Gresty
16  Jonas Stevevs
17  Robert Edge
18  Joseph Younghusband
19  James Harrison
20  William Collins
22  Abraham Tattersall
23  John Strafford
24  Mrs E. Greetham
25  William Ferguson
26  George Kendall
27  William Smith
28  John Williams
29  Thomas Denton
29A  Denton & Atkinson
30  Joseph Wallace
31  Samuel Denton
32  John Harris
33  George Swift
EDGE LANE (Mount Vernon)
William Durning
Robert Durning
E. Falkner, Esq.
James Hatton
Thomas Mellor
James Murrow
Ottiwell Wood, Esq.
Abel Woodward
ELDON PLACE (175 Vauxhall Road)
1   Thomas Jones
2   Arthur Hughes
3   James Wright
4   W. Strother, junior
6   Timothy Vertue
7   Thomas Campbell
8   Richard Bowker & Co.
10  Robert Brown
11  Samuel Atkins
14  Charles Clark
15  John Heley
16  William Postlethwaite
17  John Gillibrand
18  William Grierson
19  George Howarth
21  William Collins
23  Thomas Roberts
24  William Dutton
25  Joseph Edelsten
27  John Jackson
29  Samuel Wood
30  William Davies
31  James Georgeson
32  Edward Blackstock
33  A. Herbert
36  William Forshaw
37  William Hodson
38  Mrs H. Abbott
39  Robert Craven
40  John Leece
41  Jonathan Eccles

Up to here some of the dwellings are empty so I leave them out of the list..........there is then a big gap before we come to.............

68  Thomas Oxley
69  John Udney
70  George Whittle
71  John Gibson
72  Robert Roberts
75  William Wedgewood
76  George Rankin
ELLIOT STREET (11 Clayton Square)
1   Frodsham & Marrow
2   William Benson
3   Edward Statham
4   Robert Bickersteth
5   Henry Ascroft
6   Mrs R. Goepel
7   Roger Whitehead
8   Thomas Catterell
9   Wood Brothers & Co.
10  Thomas Lawton
ERSKINE STREET (40 Upper Islington)
1   H. Humphreys
2   J. A. Lebreton
3   T. Molyneux
4   R. H. Awty
5   W. Hutchinson
6   Mrs E. Haselden
6A  Richard Haselden
7   Thomas Brocklebank
8   Edward Rigg
9   Joseph Ackers
10  Alexander Gordon
11  John Fox
12  Mrs E. Morris
13  William Miller
14  Elizabeth Best
14A Samuel Salisbury
14B William Worsley
15  B. P. Rideing
15  J. H. Tarleton
16  S. S. Davis
17  W. A. Ohmann
20  Miss R. Chorley
21  Esther Best
22  Edward Duckworth
23  Charles Hadfield
24  Mrs F. Derbishire
25  Mrs E. Kent
26  Mrs M. Kay
28  Miss F. Cartwright
29  Mrs O. Wright

It has been a pleasant walk today, in warm, spring sunshine. So much so, that I have called into a local bakery, bought a small crusty loaf and some cheese, and am now sitting overlooking the river watching the variety of vessels sailing on their business. When I come back to my next street walk I will be starting with EVERTON BROW and carrying on to EXCHANGE ALLEY..........