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1825 LIVERPOOL ~ Streets ~ No.24


It seems ages since I went for a walk around the streets, but so much has been going on at home. However, today the evening is so perfect for a short ramble, that I am leaving the domestic chores to the family and donning my walking shoes. The late spring sunshine is streaming through our open front door, and the sound of children playing on the cobbles outside reminds us that winter is past. Stepping into the street, and looking down the hill to the river Mersey, I can see the late sun is glistening on the water creating steaks of gold on the tops of the small waves, and the small sailing vessels skimming over this like skaters on an ice covered pond! There is not a cloud to be seen in the sky and even our grumpy next door neighbour smiled and gave me a cheery 'hello' as I past. Owing to the lateness of the hour, my walk today is shorter than usual so I had better proceed.....................................

EVERTON BROW (Everton Crescent)
1   Latham Hanmer Esq..
2   John Cooper
3   Joshua Eccles
4   James Houghton
Thomas Bell
EVERTON CRESCENT (60 Richmond Row)
1   Samuel Lowe
2   Mrs H. Beckett
3   J. A. Jee
4   Mrs S. Rawden
5   John Heyes
6   W. G. Forsyth
7   Thomas Bromfield
8   Mrs M. M. Strickland
9   Mrs A. Adamson
10  Miss S. Rowe
11  James Gibson
12  Mrs U. Yates
13  Robert Greenham
14  Mrs M. Blundell
EVERTON LANE (Everton Village)
Rev. J. Brooks M.A..
Thomas Case
James Rutter
1   Joseph Ellenthorpe 
2   Edward Thomas
3   Rachel Grayson
4   John Pennington
5   Sarah Pennington
6   James Green
7   James Hitchmough
8   Daniel Buchanan
9   George Roach
10  Margaret Best
11  Bejamin Batley
13  John Taylor
14  Miss A. Sharp
15  T. F. Dyson
16  Thomas Tattersall
17  William Goodwin
18  P. B. Ainslie
19  John Higginson
20  Samuel Hope
21  George Wainwright
EVERTON VALLEY (St. Domingo Lane)
David Harper
John Hindle
Owen Roberts
Benjamin Wildsmith
John Anderton
Misses Chaffers
Misses Dodson
Samuel Haliday
Mrs E. Haworth
William Jones
Mrs E. Kewley
George Lee
John McGeorge
Richard Naylor
Lieut-Col. William Nicholson
John Pyke
Mrs Margaret Pyke
Thomas Rainsford
Thomas Roberts
Robert Sandiford
William Shaw
Thomas Slingsby
John Smith
Mrs C. Tatlock
Mrs A. Topping
EXCHANGE ALLEY (3 Exchange Street West)
2   Thomas Mather
3   Ewart, Myers and Co..
4   Orred, Lowe and Hurry
6   S. & C. Turner
7   N. Waterhouse & Sons
8   Thomas Foster
9   Bagott & Parr
     Bowe & Bushby
     Joseph Steel
     John Steel
     William Chamley
10  Thompson & Co..

That completes my short walk for today. The sun has already set and a clear cloudless night is in prospect. A cold northerly wind heralds a frost! I for myself am calling for a quick jug of my favourite brew before retiring. Next time I am hoping to explore EXCHANGE BUILDINGS, and in addition to telling you who works behind each door, will try to ascertain their line of business as well.