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1825 LIVERPOOL ~ Streets ~ No.29


I'm back, in body at least, though my spirit is still in the Hebrides! We left home in mid May on the overnight Royal Mail Coach, our fellow travellers were an assorted bunch: a young family going to Preston so that the wife could have her second child at her mother's home: then there was a 'dissenting preacher' who tried his hardest to get us all to follow the narrow ways of John Calvin - he was on his way to take up a 'calling' in Barvas on the West coast of the Isle of Lewis (how I hoped that our paths would not cross again during my travels north! - fortunately they didn't!): next we come to a retired sea captain from Dumfies, an interesting character with many tales to tell. He spent much of the journey recounting his travels in far flung parts of the world, and at one point mentioned that he had several children but could not remember in which port they lived, or for that matter what the mothers' names were. At this point our preacher started to expound at great lengths about the 'sins of the flesh'. The rest of the 'inside' passengers kept themselves to themselves. There was a tobacco chewing labourer from Lancaster, who spent most of the time clearing his throat - fortunately he was sitting by an open window! Then there was an elderly couple who spent the whole journey arguing about the merits or otherwise of the new steam packets, and finally a little man (who turned out to be an attorney) dressed in a badly fitting, crumpled black suit - who spent most of the first two hours talking to himself in a high-pitched squeaky voice. When we reached Preston, my wife and I decided to leave the coach and look for lodgings, but not before I did a little bit of walking in the streets there, and details of what and who I found will appear in my next report after my 'Liverpool' streets. I will also continue my description of our journey to the far north west, the Isle of Skye and the tempestuous crossing of the Minch to Harris and Lewis. But now I must get back to Liverpool, and more mundane matters.....

GEORGE's DOCK GATES NORTH (22, Water Street)
1   William Woods
2   K. Pringle & Co.
3   Harrisons & Latham
5   Isaac, Low & Co.
6   Stack and Hores
GEORGE's DOCK PASSAGE (19 James' Street)
1   John Nall
2   Moses Davies
3   John Rowland
4   Francis Scallion
5   Thomas Walsh
6   Mary Dickinson
7   William Jones
8   Alice Pritt
9   H. Matthie & Son
9   H. Matthie & Theakstone
GEORGE's DOCK SOUTH END (19 James' Street)
2   James Muir
3   Joseph Younghusband
3   Thomas Williams
3   J. Dowall Moxon & Co.
GILDART STREET (66 Upper Islington)
1   Hugh Matthie
2   John Parry
3   Thomas Thompson
1   James Graham
2   Thomas Revell
3   Thomas Sherlock
4   James Lund
5   Mrs J. Pigott
6   Mrs E. Mulleneux
7   James Homer
8   George Bedson
9   Mrs E. Alderson
10  Peter Ellis
11  Richard Gough
12  Joseph Broster
13  Thomas Morecroft
14  William Lockett
15  Susanna Foster
16  William Claxton
17  Mrs I. R. Molyneux
18  Mrs A. Green
19  Capt. T. Hodgson
21  Thomas Tattersall
22  Thomas Atherton
23  James Dixon
24  Richard Wilkinson
1   W. H. Lombe
2   Jane Wood
3   Thomas Holmes
4   William Wilson
5   John Owen
6   Daniel Best
7   George Smith
8   Lawrence Rigby
9   Roger Whitehead
11  Samuel Myers
12  Martha Thomas
13  George Range
14  I. & R. Dyson
15  Jane Lewis
16  Robert Davis
17  John Willacy
19  Robert Nairn

at this point I reached alot of houses still under construction, so stopped to have a drink and share some bread and cheese with some of the workmen, before continuing on my walk..........

33  John Lewis
34  James Donaldson
35  Thomas Holmes
36  John Brew
38  Ann Barton
39  William McGill
39  John McGill
40  John Wilson
42  William Qualter
43  John Morgan
44  Joseph Holland
45  Joseph Newton
46  Bingley Watson
47  Mrs E Jones
48  Ebenezer Chesney
49  Edward Smith
50  Richard Jones
51  Thomas Seed
52  John Yates
53  Ann Lloyd
54  Thomas Parr
55  John Burney
56  John Calderbeck
57  Robert Beadle
58  John Barlow
59  Francis Whittle
60  George Molyneux
60  Richard Woodfall
61  Thomas Sloan
62  Edmund Gibson
63  James Wylie
64  Sarah Fenby
64  George Fisher
65  Anthony Myers
69  Joseph Taylor
69  W. W. Turner
70  William Gibson
70  Alexander McCloud
71  William Taylor - senior
71  William Taylor

caught up with a few more builders here putting the finishing touches to eight more dwellings ~ passed the time of day with them and carried on with my stroll.........

80  Mary Archer
81  John Thompson
82  Elizabeth Bunting
83  Charles Cooper
84  Samuel Hayward
85  Morris Keating

my, these builders are busy in this street, four more houses under construction!

90  William Yates
91  John Burbie
92  James Spears
93  John Buchanan
94  Joseph Matthews
GLOVER STREET (6 Sefton Street)
2   Ann Lewis
3   G. W. Needham
4   Thomas Knubley
5   Joseph Glover
6   William Baynes
9   Joseph Birdsall
GOREE (20 Water Street)
2   O. Heyworth & Co.
5   A. & S. Richards & Co.
7   T. & J. D. Thornley
8   Archibald Gracie - junior
8   Charles Needham
9   Francis Smith
9   Joseph Wharton
10  Pritt, Case & Butler
12  Benjamin Thomas
GOREE PIAZZAS (20 Water Street)
1   James Aikin
1   George Salkeld
2   J. & H. Cumming
3   Daniel Willink
4   Curwen & Hagerty
5   William Hope - junior
6   G. M. Woolsey
6   George Turner
7   Edward Cearns - junior
8   R. F. Breed
10  A. J. Da Costa & Co.
10  A. J. Da Costa
10  Holliwell & Highfield
10  William Horsman
11  W. & S. Stokes
12  T. Parr Gilmour & Co.
12  Sands, Hodgson & Co.
12  J. Chapman & Co.
13  J. S. Penny
14  J. Hayes & Co.
14  J. Brotherton & Co.
15  Isaac Miller
15  Kenworthy and Son & Bunnell
15  Francis Ashley
16  W. Rushton & Sons
16  Wotherspoon & Walford
17  T. Barclay & Co.
18  W. Fairclough - junior
18  W. H. Barnard & Co.
19  William Cather
19  Anthony Savage
19  Adam Bald
GOWER STREET (1 Cornhill)
1   S. Worthington & Sons
2   J. & P. Laing & Co.
5   James Ibeson
GRADWELL STREET (60 Hanover Street)
1   William Smith
2   William McLaughlan
3   William Teasdale
3   William T. & J. Coupland
5   Catharine Taylor
7   J. B. & R. Lunt
9   Hunter & Alexander
10  George Syers
11  P. Sorensen and Son & Co.
11  Peter Sorensen
12  Esther Langton
13  Michael Knowles
14  Thomas Jackson
19  Gilbert Cummins
19  John Colley
19  Charles Firclough
20  John Plaistow
21  John Riding
24  Francis Boult
GRAVING DOCK No.1 (16 Cornhill)
1   J. Gordon & Co.
1a  Thomas Macauley
2   Samuel Downing
3   Samuel Fairclough
4   J. Robinson & Co.
5   Crockett, Salkeld & Co.
6   Simeon Frankland
GRAYSON STREET (20 Hurst Street)
3   John Bewley
15  Thomas Blakey
19  Hugh Dougherty
20  Samuel Needham
25  Ann Riding

Feet beginning to ache! so am doing just one more street before I call it a day.

1   William Kewley
2   John Milburn
3   John Smith
5   Edmund Holt
6   William Mirriman
7   Thomas Pearson
9   Thomas Trafford
11  William Cooke
12  Edward Bradley
12a J. Roose & Son

I wonder if Mr. Roose and his son are superstitious and really have their business at No.13!...just a thought.

14  J. T. Bailey
14  Maria Bailey
15  Walker & Wliiams
15  John Blake

Whew! I'm knackered after that lot. It's so much harder walking on cobbled surfaces than over heather covered hills and glens. Anyway, I'm calling it a day now and returning home to mutton and vegetable stew and suet dumplings all washed down with my favourite ale tipple. When I have finished I intend to put my feet up and catch up on local gossip from the weekly journal. Who knows what happened in Liverpool while I have been on my travels in Scotland. Talking of Scotland, I will accompany my reading of the news with a dram or two of 'The water of life' - "Uisge Beatha"..............brought back from the Isle of Skye. When next I return, I will be starting with GREAT CROSSHALL STREET.