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Much water has passed under the bridge since we last met, and the 'memories' of my visit to the Western Seaboard of Scotland and the Isles beyond are slowly fading, so I must put pen to paper. You will remember that we left Liverpool (the Saracen's Head in Dale Street) on the Royal Mail Coach accompanied by an assortment of fellow passengers. My wife and I left the coach in Preston and found lodgings at the Old Red Lion Inn in Church Street from where (after a superb meal) I went for a stroll around what was new territory for me. Details of who and what I found follow my latest Liverpool walk below. Now back to our trip north. We stayed in Preston two days, before taking the 'Royal Liverpool' coach to Lancaster, where we had an overnight stop at Old Sir Simon's Inn. Here I made a note of the small amount of 'water traffic' and this I will report to my seafaring friends in due course. The next leg of our journey took us on the 'Invincible' through Kendal and over Shap. This part of the trip was quite eventful, as in the middle of a violet rainstorm, the coach was bogged down and heave as the team of horses did ~ nothing moved it. We spent a very cramped and uncomfortable night in the listing vehicle many miles from the nearest habitation. What made matters worse, was a pathetic young man who recounted a tale he had heard of a party of coach travellers starving to death in similar circumstances! By morning the rain had eased and a relief coach arrived into which we transferred ourselves and baggages, and eventually arrived in Carlisle nearly 24 hours late. After a well earned break for food, we rejoined the coach for the next leg of our journey to Moffat in Scotland. Here we took rooms in the Old Black Bull Inn just off the High Street. ..... Of our stay in Moffat and our travels in the northern lands, more in my next depatch.

Now back to my Liverpool Wanderings and I continue with.....

GREAT CROSSHALL STREET (69 Tithebarn Street)
1   Hugh Jones
2   Mrs N. Jeffryes
3   William Grocot
4   Robert Beard
5   Alice Rockcliffe
5   Elizabeth Stevenson
6   Patrick Bradley
6   William Jump
7   James Thom
8   Robert Quilliam
9   John McCurdy
10  John Evans
10  William Fell
10 Elizabeth Hughes
11  John Duxbury
12  Edward Allanson
13  Watkin Samuel
14  James Clegg
15  Juliana Harris
16  John Lawton
17  Alexander Mackenzie
18  John Riddick
19  John Barwise
20  Thomas Skerrat
21  Samuel Dawson
22  Robert Patten
23  Henry Pooley
24  John Jones
25  Charles Ward
26  N. C. Bond
27  Mrs C. Phillips
28 & 30  Thomas Gregson
31  J. & R. Sefton
32  James Duckworth
33  John Lyon
34  John Sharp
35  James Collingham
36  Amos Studdart
37  Emma Prescot
38  Owen Davies
39  T. Langsdale & Son
40  John Hicks
42  Richard Wilson
43  Edward Harding
44  William Graham
45  Bateman Knowles
47  William Graham jun.
48  John Jones
49  J. A. Bradley
50  James Johnston
51  Richard Atkinson
52  Edward Langsdale
53  Edward Perkins
53  Mary Vaughan
54  John Pierrepoint
55  Philip Cawley
56  W. H. Gleadah
57  John & Owen Williams
58  James Williams
59  Richard & Ann Gillow
60  John Harrison
61  Thomas Corbin
62 & 63  Pemberton & Williams
64  John Kaye
65  John Higginbottom
67  William Shepherd
68  Mrs S. Fletcher
69  Elizabeth Chalk
70  Mrs A. Heald
71  J. I. Smith
72  Thomas Miller
73  Joseph Cowell
74  John Brown
75  John Case
76  John & Sarah Armroyd
77  Samuel Lunt
78  Edward Cowdell
81  Hugh Jones
81  Thomas Barton
82  A. H. Barton
84  M. Moulson
84  John Edwards
85  John Porter
87  John Taylor
88  Robert Jones
89  Mary Cooke
90  Mrs M. Robinson
91  Thomas Robinson
92  William Herbert
93  Richard Haworth
GREAT GEORGE PLACE (57 St. James' Street)
1   Thomas Whitby
2   James Robinson
3   Francis Lowthian
4   Stephen Ravenscroft
5   Simpson Samuel
6   Lawrence Frost
GREAT GEORGE SQUARE (56 Upper Pitt Street)
1   Mrs E. Grose
2   Elizabeth Byrom
3   William Brown
4   Mrs E. Langton
4   Joseph Langton
5   T. Mather jun.
6   William Donald
7   M. I. Tobias
8   Richard Radcliffe
9   Thomas B. Barclay
10  Miss E. Frances
11  Mrs J. Hodson
12  Mrs M. D'Aguilar
13  Ambrose Lace
14  T. G. Massey
15  James Blake
16  J. Foster jun.
17  Wood Gibson
19  J. O. Watson
19  Mrs E. Watson
20  Thomas Ripley
21  A. McDermott
22  Z. Sellar, M.D..
23  G. B. Brown

That's all the rambles for today,
I am now going home to look out my note-books of our travels north, and who I found during our short stay in Preston. My first 'port of call' was the Corporation of the Borough of Preston, and here is the list of all the persons I encountered and to which office they ascribed....

Mayor ~ Richard Newsham, Esquire.
(The Mayor also is Coroner for the Borough, and Clerk of the Market during his Mayoralty) Recorder ~ Sir James Allan Park,
(one of his Majesty's Justices of the Court of Common Pleas) Aldermen ~
      Edward Robert Travers
      Nicholas Grimshaw
      Daniel Lyon
      Samuel Horrocks
      John Troughton
      Hugh Dewhurst
      Thomas Miller
Capital Burgesses and Common Councilmen ~
      John Green
      Henry Fisher
      Robert Gornall
      Richard Palmer
      William Leighton
      Robert Friend
      James Mounsey
      John Taylor
      James Pedder
      Thomas Tomlinson
      James Dixon
      Thomas Moore
      Jonathan Lodge
      Joseph Robinson
      John Paley
      Robert Robinson
      Watson Robinson, M.D..
      Charles Buck
      Mr. Richard Newsham, jun.
Mayor's Bailiff ~
      Alexander Moore, M.D..
Town Clerk & Clerk of the Peace for the Borough ~
      Mr. Richard Palmer
Town's Steward and Treasurer to the Corporation ~
      Mr. Philip Park
Town Serjeant ~
      William Crook
Mayor's Serjeant or Serjeant of the Mace ~
      Thomas Walton
Mace Bearer ~
      Henry Bowerbank
      William Buck
Beadle to the Corporation ~
      George Lomax

I then visited the offices of public officers connected with the Borough, but who are not corporate officers.

Churchwardens ~
      Thomas Clarke
      Thomas Troughton
Overseers ~
      John Rodgett
      Robert Pennington
      George Sims
Vestry Clerk ~
      Mr. Richard Palmer
Clerks to the Coomissioners for the Improvement of the Borough of Preston ~
      Messrs. Grimshaw and Palmer
Superintendent of Police ~
      Mr. Thomas Walton
Surveyor of the Police Commissioners ~
      Mr. James Barnes
Billet Master for the Borough ~
      Mr. Robert Gornall
Governor of the House of Correction ~
      Mr. William Liddell.

I also visited the offices of persons dealing with the administration of the County Palatine of Lancaster, but more of this next time ......