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1825 LIVERPOOL Streets ~ No 32


"Where has the Liverpool Wanderer got to?" I hear you all ask. Well, my family and I have had a rather 'rough' winter and my walking boots have been hung up since last November. However, though things have not yet really returned to normal, the bright spring sun shining on the Mersey and the azure blue sky, speckled with white clouds, has tempted me out for a walk through a few more streets to find new friends. Since we last met I have visited Scotland twice more and may recount some of my travels at a later date ~ if I can make sense of my notes! I am however letting you have some of the notes I made when I visited the Lancaster waterfront. Anyway, I had better get going before my wife finds me some domestic chores to do about the house. The last street I visited way back in the winter was GRENVILLE STREET when I called at No. 16 and had a very pleasant meal with Mrs. Israel......we now come to GRENVILLE STREET NORTH......

1   Edward Rigmaiden
7   Arthur Wilson
7   George Morton
10  Thomas Finney

Mrs A. Blackmore
Thomas Chambers
Robert Charles
William Clay
Thomas Coombes
James Corkhill
John Haswell
Thomas Hayes
Mrs E. Higgin
Edward Jackson
Miss R. Street
William Tuck

1   Mrs A. Tootle
2   Lieut. W. H. Smith R.N.
3   William Picton
4   Henry Mercer
5   Mrs M. Wells
6   Richard Bentley
8   Thomas Richardson
9   William Brown
10  William Potts
11  William Atherton
12  James Dowdall
13  Miss Margaret Gaskell
14  Rev. Robert Banister, A.B.
15  Henry Davies
16  James Gouldie

HANOVER STREET (45 East End Old Dock)
1   G. Burdy & Co.
1   Joseph Schofield
1   S. Ottiguon
2   Betty Ardern
3   William Cass
3   Matthew Connor
4   Rosanna Colligan
4   W. H. Wardle
5   Robert Clark
7   Margaret Hindley
8   John Roberts
9   Robert Jones
10  Thomas Owen
11  William Fairclough
        12  John Roberts
        12  David Lythgoe
        12  T. Robinson & Co.
13  Joseph Hurley & Co.
14  A. Hunter & Co.
14  George Campbell
14  Edward Blackmore
14  Aspinall, Browne & Aspinall
14  John Swainston
15  Mrs S. Ray
        16  Goulding & Davis
        16  Edward Edwards
        16  Charles Wild
17  Roscoe & Wain
18  Robert Heslop
19  Andrew Nairn
20  Thomas Avison
21  John Lloyd
22  Thomas Casson
23  John Molyneux
24  John Clarke
28  James Townley
32  Hannah Bibby
33  Maria Ward
37  Henry Banks
38  William Mossman
39  James Appleton
40  Sarah Baines
41  William Austin
42  Keightley & Son
43  Gibson Dunbar
44  George Byrne
45  John Clarke
45  Peter Smith
48  Tamer Parke
49  T. Renwick M.D.
50  Branch & Son
51  Thomas Leathom
51  T. and W. Earle & Co.
52  William Daggers
53  Thomas Rawlinson
54  George Yates
59  Adrian Lowe
61  C. Fletcher & Co.
62  Robert Williamson
64  John Winder
67  Pillfold & Rawson
69  Alice Mawdesley
71  Edward Bond
73  John Crosthwaite
74  Stephen Pardy
75  Cyrus Allcock
76  Josiah Kennedy
77 Thomas Holt
78  Joseph Poole

HARDMAN STREET (53 Rodney Street)
1   J. H. Smith
2   McMorland & Freer
2   Patrick McMorland
3   N. J. Paris
4   Charles Smith
HARGRAVES BUILDINGS (eastside of Town Hall)
Atherton & Dunn
Barton & Cowgill
A. P. Fortunato
Jee Brothers & Humble
Johnstone & Judson
E. Molyneux jun.
Joseph Nicholson
W. Rushton jun.

As this was my first walk for three months, I decided not to tempt fate and retraced my steps to a distant relative who I found at 54 Hanover Street. Here is was entertained in his office to a pleasant meal and afterwards, whilst he was carrying on with his business, I sorted out some of the notes I made when passing through Lancaster on one of my visits to Scotland. Before checking on shipping, I jotted down the people working in both the Custom House on St. George's Quay and the Excise Office at 37 New Street. First of all the occupants of the Custom House.....

James Booth Esq. ~ collector
Mr Richard Blackburne ~ comptroller
Mr John Thompson ~ surveyor
Mr Edward Johnson ~ first clerk to the collector
Mr Thomas Fish and Mr Jacob Robinson ~ searchers
        and landing & coast waiters.
Mr Anthony Wilson ~ locker
Mr Mark Irwin ~ weighing porter
Mr William Keen of Glasson Dock ~ tide surveyor
Richard Jackson, Edward Smith, Robert Gammon
        and Thomas Chorley ~ boatmen
Mr James Baxter of Poulton ~ tide & coast waiter

I then proceeded to the Excise Office to see who was working there......

John Cookson Esq ~ collector
Mr Leonard Tatham ~ clerk
Mr Thomas Harrison ~ supervisor
Mr John Waller ~ excise port surveyor
Thomas Meadley ~ permit writer

from the main office I went into the small side room occupied by the six Division Officers, who were....

1   Mr James Bolton ~ also port gauger
2   Robert Graham
3   Jonathan Holliday
4   George Pearson
5   William Burn
6   James Todd

My short stay in Lancaster concluded with a swift visit to the waterfront, where I met many interesting and friendly people. I settled in a small office and copied the following from a notice pinned to the wall.......

GLASGOW ~ 'The Ann' master John Thompson - sails
        once a month from Hest Bank.
John Holme : agent for the Hest Bank Shipping Co.
LIVERPOOL (Regular Traders) ~ 'The Lark' master James
        Cleminson; 'The Fox' master John Singleton; 'Providence'
        master Michael Welch.
Owners : John Sanderson & Co, Castle Hill.
        'The Margaret' 
Owners : Thomas Darwen & Co, Green Area.
+++   One of these vessels sails once a week from St.
George's Quay, and discharge their cargoes in the
Liverpool Dry Dock.
    'The Eliza' and 'The Kent' sail from Hest Bank to
    Liverpool once in three weeks.
John Holme : agent, Hest Bank.
LONDON & BRISTOL (Traders) ~ Arthur Armitstead : agent,
St. George's Quay. A vessel sails to Messrs. Breeds and
Farncombe of Griffin Wharf, London, once a month: and
'The Mary Ann' master David Edwards, sails to Bristol three
times a year.
William Hartnell : agent, Bristol.

Bidding farewell to George Yates at 54 Hanover Street, and thanking him for his hospitality, I made my way home, satisfied with a good walk and looking forward to my next one when I will start with HARRINGTON STREET.