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1825 LIVERPOOL Streets ~ No. 33


As you will remember I finished my last walk in Hargraves Buildings on the east side of the Town Hall, and then called in to see a distant relative at No. 54 Hanover Street. All this was many months ago in the spring. Since then we have slipped into summer and following much work on the house, and visiting grandchildren in the country, I feel the time has come to resume my rambles. The weather now is hot, and from our upstairs windows we can see over the roof tops to the river in the distance. The distant noise of children playing in the street, the cries of the barrow boys and the clatter of horse-hoofs on the cobbles, all adds to my urge to get out and about. Descending the stairs, I pick up some cheese and bread [freshly baked] and putting them in a small canvas bag, I set off for the Beer House on the corner to buy a stone jar of ale and start off for HARRINGTON STREET....

HARRINGTON STREET (26 Castle Street)
2   Ann Overton
3   Byrom and Hall
4   Thomas Jones
5   Richard Greenhalgh
    James Tomlinson
6   Wilson and Ankers
7   T. & M. Pickford and Co.
9   Greaves & Prescott
11  Ann Corlett
12  E. Crudgington
14  Thomas Affleck
15  Joseph Spark
17  John Hutchins
18  John Smith
21  Edward Smith
23  James Fitchett
24  William Yates
27  Luhr Buggeln
33  Highfield & Birch
43  Downward & Mann
45  G. H. Timmins
49  John Divine
51  Francis Hendar
52  Ann Reed
54  Elizabeth Harrison
56  Jones & Owen
57  George France
58  John Reilley
59  G. Webster
60  T. Cumpstey & Co.
61  Thomas Salisbury
      James Aspinall
      Adam Keith
62  William Barker

HATTON GARDEN (59 Dale Street)
1   Allcock & Morgan
2   Henry Rowland
3   Thomas Rowland
7   J. Houghton & Co.
8   Robert Lucas
10  Peter Hilton
12  Thomas Robinson
13  John Harrison
14  Ralph Langley
17  George Hodgson
18  Alice Wilkinson
20  Charles Wood
21  T. G. Barton
22  Richard Haworth
23  John Clare
24  Archibald Johnston
25  Richard Perry
26  J. Johnson & Son
27  Thomas Jones
30  John Caton
32  Richard Cluet
33  H. Holmes & Sons
34  Thomas Robinson
36  Richard Laycock

HAWKE STREET (5 Brownlow Hill)
1   A. J. Perry
2   Joseph Hunsworth
     Henry Austin
3   Mrs M. Edwards
     Richard Edwards
4   William Mercer
5   Ann Jones
6   Thomas Curran
7   Leonard Addison
8   Rodney Bayley
9   Ann Capper
10  Thomas Hooton
12  Mrs M. Chadwick
13  Daniel Ward
14  Nicholas Furlong
19  John Wright
20  William Hinton

HAYMARKET (7 Saint John's Lane)
Richard Chadwick
R. and L. Rigby
John Saunders
Mary Smith
John Williams

HENRY STREET (4 Campbell Street - Duke Street)
1   Bartholomew Seymour
7   F. Jordan & Co.
8   John Atherton
11  William Cliffe
13  Barton, Irlam & Higginson
14  James Barber
15  John Bolton
      J. S. & W. Woodhouse
16  Robert Russell
17  James Winstanley
20  Roger Oakden
20a  Robert Hinde
21  John Lockett
24  Pickering Brothers
25  E. Dearman & Co.
26  Robert Ledson
27  William Cliffe
31  Thomas Gaskell
33  William Reynolds
38  William Lake
39  Edward Nelson
      J. L. Brint
40  J. & J. Aspinall
42  Robert Hinde

HIGH STREET (east side of Town Hall)
1   Lawson & Clarke
     L. H. J. Torina
2   William Thompson
3   Benjamin Ellis
4   G. F. Dickson
     John Buchanan
5   W. W. Currie
6   Lloyd & Williams
     Henry Hatton
7   Thomas Keell

By this time the sun has reached high enough to filter down into the busy streets and the hot cobbles were beginning to strike hot through my boots, so I decided to take a break and sat under some trees in an adjacent graveyard. After consuming my cheese and bread I washed it down with the ale, and then had a short nap before continuing on my travels to.....

HIGH STREET (Paddington)
2   Edward Hughes
     William Young
3   Joseph Davies
4   E. & M. Dutton
5   William Parry
6   John Judson
7   R. Playford
8   John Grace
10  Joseph Grace
13  Richard Eves
15  Thomas Lawton
19  John Dunn
      Thomas Kelly
      Charles Dunn
30  William Maudsley
      Robert Hancock
31  Joseph Farran
32  Robert Bennion
33  Joseph Mossop
34  Joshua Billinge
36  Donald McDonald
37  Robert Stewart
38  Lieut. J. Walker, RN
39  William Keld
      Mrs M. Polding
46  J. Humphreys
the following dwellings are as yet unnumbered.
David Lewis
John Hutchon
William Pritchard
Robert Myers
Thomas Ormisher
Silvester Procter
John Merritt
56  E. M. Crossfield
James Skaife
Robert Weatherell
S. S. Worthington
60  Mrs E. Gawith
61  Samuel Barrow

At this point I decided to call it a day, and being some way from home I called at a small tavern for some food and a drink, before managing to get a lift with a drayman......................I arrived home just as the sun was going down, casting shafts of golden red across the sky and catching the tops of the small waves on the river. When I resume my travels it will be in HIGH PARK AVENUE.