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1825 LIVERPOOL Sundry Information ~ No.1


When I returned home from my exhausting day tramping the streets, one of my children handed me a booklet containing the addresses of some of the Public Buildings in Liverpool, together with the names of the persons who oversee the vaious administrations. As some of your relatives may be found here, I thought I would settle down in front of the fire and write out a list for you. I will probably get to the end of the 'C's and then it will be supper time!

Alms House ~ St. Mary's Lane.
American Chamber of Commerce ~ 28 Mason Street
        : Mr GEORGE ORRED, secretary and treasurer.
American Seaman's Hospital ~ Pomona Street
        : C. F. VANDEBURGH, M.D., medical attendant.
Athenaeum ~ Church Street
        : JOHN JONES, librarian.
Baths, Public (intended) ~ west side of George's Dock.
Bellman's Office, 25 Crosshall Street
        : NATHANIEL SAUL, bellman.
Billet Office ~ 7 Gloucester Street, Lime Street
        : GEORGE SMITH, billet master.
Blind Asylum ~ 102 London Road
        : JOHN LUCY, superintendent.
Blue Coat Hospital and School ~ 33 School Lane
        : WILLIAM FOSTER, superintendent.
Borough Gaol ~ 24 Great Howard Street
        : WILLIAM NEIGHBOURS, governor.
Botanic Gardens ~ Oxford Street East
        : JOHN SHEPHERD, curator.
Bootle Waterworks Office ~ 47 Hanover Street.
Brunswick Dock ~ (half tide basin)
        : JOSEPH KITCHEN, master - 25 Basnett Street.
Carters' Old Company (office) ~ 32 north side Old Dock
        : JOHN ELLISON, manager
Carters' New Company (office) ~ Brook's Square, north side Old Dock
        : I. T. THOMSON, manager.
Charitable Institution House ~ 27 Slater Street
        : JOHN RADCLIFFE, depositary.
Circus ~ Christian Street.
Coast Waiters' Office ~ Custom House.
Coffee Roasting Houses ~ 23 Temple Street and Temple Court,
                                            & 14 Vernon Street.
Collector for Public Charities ~ 
        : JOHN BLACKBURN, 28 Trowbridge Street.
Concert Room/Music Hall ~ 79 Bold Street
        : T. WILSON, proprietor 3 Soho Street.
Corn Exchange ~ 9 Brunswick Street
        : WILLIAM YATES, keeper 74 Whitechapel.
Coroner's Office ~ east side of Town Hall.
Corporation Offices ~ Town Hall.
Corporation Waterworks ~
        : HENRY AGARD, treasurer 21 Berry Street.
Cotton Sale Room ~ 21 Exchange Buildings.
Court of Requests ~ Bridewell Street.
Custom House ~ New Watch House, Pier Head, No. 3 Graving Dock.

Many of you will remember my meanderings around the bowels of the Custom and Excise Offices. I am doing this list for both my seafaring and landlubber friends as there will be alot of crossover interests. Ah! here comes my evening meal, so must stop. Will do another list of buildings etc., soon.