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1825 LIVERPOOL Sundry Information ~ No.2


I had intended to continue my walks today, but unfortunately my clogs have chafed my ankles and I can hardly walk. I have decided to sit in front of the range in our kitchen with my feet immersed in a bath of hot water and mustard. Another reason for me staying in doors is the weather. Yesterday was clear and frosty, and my walks, though tiring, were most exhilarating ~ today, a thick frozen, acrid smelling fog has descended on the town, choking the lungs of the poor unfortunates who have to venture forth to work. I for my part will carry on with the list of Public Buildings, and hopefully be able to continue with my perambulations tomorrow.

Depository of Clothing Society ~ 14 Harford Street.
Dispensary North ~ 66 Church Street
        : JOHN McDONALD, governor & surgeon.
Dispensary South ~ 1 Jordan Street
        : NEWTON BURNLE, surgeon, secretary &c.
District Pay Office ~ 18 Gill Street
        : SAMUEL COLBERG, paymaster.
Docks (Trustees of) Office ~ east end Old Dock.
Dock Police Office ~ 2 Hanover Street
        : E. BROADLEY, superintendent, 10 Park Lane.
Docks (Trustees) Yard and Office for Building & Repairing Vessels &c ~
                                                            10 Trentham Street.
Dry Dock ~ WILLIAM JONES, Dock master, 2 Nova Scotia.
Duke's Dock ~ Wapping
        : JOHN OWEN agent to the trustees for the late Duke
            of Bridgewater, No. 2 Bridgewater Row.
East India Association
        : Mr. R. GREAVES, secretary, 35 Brunswick Street.
Exchange Buildings ~ north side Town Hall.
Exchange News Rooms ~ 22 Exchange Buildings
        : Mr. GEORGE SMITH, keeper.
Excise Tide Waiters' Office ~ No. 3 Graving Dock.

Some of you will remember my visit to the Custom House when I went through the Tide Waiters' Office.

Female Apprentices' Library ~ 17 Renshaw Street.
Female Destitute, Refuge for ~ 10 Roscoe Street.
Female School of Industry & Friendly Society ~ 1 Heathfield Street.
Female Penitentiary ~ 2 Crabtree Lane
        : MARY CROSSLEY, matron.
Floating Bath ~ off George's Dock, Pier Head.
Floating Chapel ~ Salthouse Dock.
Friendly Society ~ 38 Bold Street
        : R. SHAW, actuary.
Gas Works (coal) ~ 50 Dale Street.
Gas Works (oil) ~ Rose Hill.
George's Dock ~ foot of Water Street.
Graving Dock Office ~ south side Old Dock gates.
Greenwich Hospital, receiving office ~ Custom House.
Harbour Masters & Water Bailiffs Office ~ south side Old Dock gates.
House of Correction, County ~ Kirkdale.
House of Industry for Edge Hill & West Derby ~ 29 Low Hill
        : EDWARD LOVATT, governor.
House of Industry (Liverpool) ~ 57B Brownlow Hill
        : W. HARDMAN, governor.
House of Recovery ~ 57A Brownlow Hill
        : W. HARDMAN, governor.
Infirmary (New) ~ Brownlow Street.
Infirmary (Old) ~ 37 Shaw's Brow
        : JOSEPH CHURTON, surgeon, apothecary & superintendent.
King's Dock ~
        : WILLIAM HAMILL, master, 18 Bridgewater Street.
Ladies' Charity ~ 20 Mount Pleasant
        : Mrs. E. ELLISON, matron.
Leather Hall ~ Pall Mall
        : WILLIAM GRATTY, inspector, 20 Church Street & 7 Lambert Street
        : JAMES DWERRYHOUSE, inspector, 41 Hunter Street.
Leeds and Liverpool Canal Office ~ Canal Side
        : WILLIAM BENSON, agent.
Liverpool Medical Library ~ Infirmary Court, Shaw's Brow
        : ROBERT DILWORTH, librarian.
Liverpool Royal Institution ~ 6 Colquitt Street
        : A. MUNRO, keeper, 39 Seel Street.
Lunatic Asylum ~ Infirmary Garden, Shaw's Brow
        : JOHN DAVIES, governor.
Lyceum ~ 1 Bold Street
        : J. F. PHOENIX, librarian
        : RICHARD JONES, keeper, 50 Gloucester Street.

That will do for today, but next time the weather keeps me confined to the house, I will carry on with this list. Anyway, I've just had a peek into the black pot hanging above the fire on the range, as tantalizing aromas were emanating from it. Ah! rabbit stew with whole onions, potatoes and parsnips........the list must wait!