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1825 LIVERPOOLSundry Information ~ No.3


Following my visit to the waterfront yesterday, and my subsequent jaunt to dock-side tavern with my seafaring friends, I have decided to take a bit of a rest today and carry on with my list of addresses of Public Buildings from the booklet my children gave me. The weather outside is still cold, but much brighter, but the fire-side and my favourite clay-pipe are much more inviting, so here we go......

Market Clerks Office ~ south side George's Church,
                                   and St. John's Market
    : Captain J. P. WALKER superintendent of Markets.
Market for Cattle ~ 30 Lime Street.
Mayor's Office ~ Town Hall.
Mechanics and Apprentices' Library ~ 75 Lord Street.
Military Depot and District Office ~ 25 Prescot Street.
Military Hospital ~ 54 Milton Street
    : FRANCIS COULL surgeon.
Military Store Room for Regiment of Royal
    Lancashire Militia ~ 5 Boynton Street.
Notaries, Association of, ~ 57 Castle Street
    : RICHARD BROOKE secretary.
Oil House ~ 5 Baffin Street.
Old Dock ~ WATSON SHERIFF master, south side 
    of Old Dock gates.
Opthalmic Infirmary ~ 30 Basnett Street, & 29 Slater Street.
Orphan Society (Roman Catholic) ~ 30 St. Paul's Square.
Pantheon ~ 59 Church Street.
Parish Offices ~ 7 Water Street, and Fenwick Street.
    : W. DIXON treasurer.
Pilots' Committee Room ~ 2 Old Church Yard
    : J. LEECE collector, 41 King Street.
Police Office ~ 3 High Street Exchange
    : JOHN MILLER superintendent.
Post Office ~ 6 Post Office Place, Church Street
    : W. BANNING Esq. postmaster.
Prince's Dock ~ CHARLES PARNELL master, living at 
    south end Princes' Dock.
Provident Savings' Bank ~ 38 Bold Street
    : RICHARD SHAW actuary.
Queen's Dock ~ NICHOLAS AIKEN master.
Receiver of Town's Dues ~ THOMAS CORRIE Esq.,
    office, Custom House.
Recorder ~ J. CLARK Esq. office Town Hall.
Register Office for Merchant Seamen ~ 5 Brook's Square
    : GEORGE FOLLETT actuary.
Rendezvous for East India Recruits ~ 1 Eden Street
    : Captain THOMAS HODGSON.
Riding School ~ 3 Great Charlotte Street
    : JOHN SMITH riding master and adjutant to the
                    Liverpool Light Horse.
Rotunda Billiard and News Rooms ~ Bold Street
    : JOHN SALT keeper 11 Wolstenholme Square.

Only a short list today, but my wife has just called me to go down to the fishmonger's to get some herrings for our evening meal. Next time I'm back, I will be going on my street travels, starting with CORNHILL. Bye for now.