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1825 LIVERPOOL Sundry Information ~ No.4


Following my tiring jaunt the other day, which finished at the end of Dale Street, and yesterday's visit to the Waterfront, I have decided to stay at home and carry on with my list from the booklet my son gave me. I am also dissuaded from venturing far by the adverse conditions raging outside. A strong south westerly with driving rain, is lashing through the narrow alleys and streets, and one look through the windows is enough to keep you indoors. I had intended to sit in front of the fire in our living room, but the down draught from the elements has forced us to extinguish the flames! Immediately after this a vast quantity of soot fell and covered the room in a thick black blanket! I am therefore retreated to the kitchen to carry on my task in front of the range.......I am hoping to complete this part of the list by the time my wife wants to prepare our evening meal.................

St. Patrick's Benevolent Society ~ 20 Pleasant Street.
Salthouse Dock ~
    : SIMEON FRANKLAND master, 22 Basnett Street.
Salt House ~ 23 Peter Lane.
Seaman's Friend Society School ~ Wapping Place.
Seaman's Hospital ~ 37 Shaw's Brow
    : WILLIAM VINER governor.
Searchers' Offices ~ Custom House and 9 Cornhill,
        4 Man Island, east side King's Dock, Queen's
        Dock, and Prince's Dock.
Select Vestry Office ~ 7 Water Street
    : J. MACKINLAY secretary, 6 Blair Street
Society for the Encouragement of Servants ~ Bold Street.
Stamp Office ~ 5 Old Church Yard
    : SAMUEL STANIFORTH Esq. distributor
        (open from ten to three)
Surveyor's Office (Corporation) ~
    : Mr. J. FOSTER Town Hall.
Surveyor of Highways ~
    : WILLIAM BUCKLEY, 30 Blake Street.
Tax Office (Government) ~ 7 Statham's Buildings, Lord Street.
Tax Office (Land) ~ 7 Water Street
    : EDWARD FALKNER Esq. receiver general, 42 Fleet Street
    : G. CASE Esq. receiver general, 53 Wood Street.
Tax Office (assessed) ~ 12 Church Alley
    : THOMAS SHAW surveyor.
Theatre Royal ~ Williamson Square.
Tide Surveyors' Office ~ Nova Scotia, Pier Head.
Timber Yard (King's) ~ Hill Street South
    : JOHN GEE keeper.
Tobacco Warehouse ~ west side King's Dock
    : THOMAS OVENS sampler.
Town Clerk ~
    : W.STATHAM Esq. office west side Town Hall.
Town Hall ~ Castle Street
    : W. SOLOMON keeper
Treasurer's Office (Corporation) ~ west side Town Hall
    : J. D. CASE Esq. treasurer.
Underwriters Rooms ~ 21 Exchange Buildings
    : JAMES GABRIEL surveyor
    : GEORGE WITHERS secretary.
Union News Room & Library ~ 38 Duke Street
    : THOMAS ROBERTS master & librarian.
Union Sunday School of Dissenters ~ 4 Church Lane.
Vestry Clerk's Office ~ 7 Water Street.
Watch, Scavengers, Lamps &c. ~
        Commissioners Office, 7 Water Street.
Water Bailiff (see Harbour Master) ~
    : TIMOTHY PARKINSON deputy bailiff, 1 Spital Fields.
Weights & Measures ~
    : JAMES TUNSTALL adjuster, 7 Fenwick Street
    : THOMAS ARSTALL superintendent, St. George's
        Market top of Pool Lane, and St. John's Market.
Wellington Ball Rooms ~ 55 Mount Pleasant
    : JAMES EDWARDS keeper, St. Mark's Lane.
Woollen Hall ~ 
        57 Richmond Road; or Richmond Fair.

This list is now complete, and just in time! My wife has brought in a large cooking pot containing vegetables and mutton ready to hang on the range. Also, much to my dismay, she has informed me that the slates I had replaced on the roof of our 'three holer' earlier in the week have blown off and smashed in the back yard. I must therefore garb up against the elements and make temporary repairs before the light fails. Next time I return to the little booklet I will be investigating the workings of our Post Office. :