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1825 LIVERPOOL Sundry Information ~ No.5


After my visit to the Liverpool Canal Basin yesterday, and the freezing journey home. I have decided to stay indoors today. On my return last night, my wife handed me a Weekly Bulletin from one of our local Stationers, and in it I found a list of Foreign Consuls in Liverpool which I thought might be of interest to you all.

AMERICAN ~ James Maury, 3 Exchange Buildings.
DANISH ~ Peter Sorenson, 11 Gradwell Street.
FRENCH ~ Le Chevalier Francois Angrand, 5 Hope Street.
HANOVERIAN ~ Gualtherus Kolff, 69 Castle Street.
MECKLENBURG ~ William Pickering, 14 Henry Street.
NETHERLANDS ~ Daniel Willink, 3 Goree Piazzas.
PORTUGUESE ~ Antonio Juliao Da Costa, 10 Goree Piazzas.
PRUSSIAN ~ J. M. Malonek, 30 Water Street.
RUSSIAN ~ Joseph Leigh, 8 Orford Street.
SICILIAN & SPANISH ~ L. H. J. Tonna, 1 High Street.
SWEDISH ~ Robert Williamson, 62 Hanover Street.
SWISS ~ Charles Imer, 7 Dale Street.
TURKISH ~ M. L. Mozley, 45 Bold Street.

Just a little list, but thought you might be interested. In future when the weather is inclement, I will delve from time to time into who is in what trade and profession, and will pass the information on to you. Anyway must go as I am required yet again to clear snow from the back yard, and repair the privy roof ~ for the fourth time!.............