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1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.4


Back down the docks, to look at a few more Sailing Coastal Traders, and their destinations.

BARNSTABLE ~ see Plymouth.
"Betty & Peggy" ~ master Rice Hughes
"Ellinor" ~ master Robert Davies
"Mayflower" ~ master C. Evans
"Jane & Alice" ~ master J. Williams
"Aurora" ~ master Robert Jones
"Wellington" ~ master John Hughes
"Jane & Hannah" ~ master Robert Rowland
"Richard & William" ~ master John Rowlands
"Betsy" ~ master Henry Willaims
"Edward & Mary" ~ master John Jones
from Dry Dock and Prince's Dock Basin.
"Favourite" ~ master C. H. Savage
"Catharine" ~ master C. Shaw
"Edward" ~ master Thomas Heather
"Trilon" ~ master Edwards Owens
"Zephyr" ~ master John Thompson
"Two Brothers" ~ master S. Owens
two or more of these vessels saild every week
from each port.
Liverpool ~ Wiiliam Stewart, 25 Redcross Street
Belfast ~ George Langtry & Co..
"Lelitia Tennent" ~ master Samuel Montgomery
"Earl Belfast" ~ master John Aberdeen
"Andrew Savage" ~ master William Donnar
"Octavia" ~ master W. C. Hylton
"Lagan" ~ master James Neisbet
"Shamrock" ~ master John Gowan
these vessels occasionally sail between Belfast and
Liverpool ~ Francis Jordan & Co., 7 Henry Street.
Belfast ~ MacDonnell & Co., Skipper Street.
London ~ Dawson & Boyle, 56 Lombard Street.
BIDDEFORD ~ see Plymouth
"Macedon" ~ master Robert Jones
"Neptune" ~ master John Williams
"Active" ~ master Thomas Lowdey
"Anna" ~ master Richard Heard
"Shamrock" ~ master James Jordan
"Ann & Betsy" ~ master R. Watkins
Liverpool ~ Robert Thomas, 69 South side Old Dock.
Bristol ~ William Pollard & Son, Quay.
"Margaretta" ~ master John Davies
"Felicity" ~ master John Pritchard
"Cygnet" ~ Hugh Roberts
"British Queen" ~ master R. Williams
Liverpool ~ John Swainton, 14 Hanover Street.
Bristol ~ William Townley, Quay. 


That's all the 'B's, will start on the 'C's on my next visit to the docks.