1825 LIVERPOOL ~ Waterfront ~ No.1

Something slightly different this time to my wanderings up and down the 1825 Streets of Liverpool. I thought I would just go down to the docks in 1825to see which vessels go where! Hope someone may see a vessel they are looking for.

(Destinations first, then name of vessel, then the master)


LISBON ~ "Hardware" ~ Samuel Eborall
         "Bootle" ~ Richard Blundell
         "Lancashire Witch" ~ Thomas Neale
    one of these vessels sails the 1st of every month.
   Liverpool ~ John Bibby & Co., south side Duke's Dock Quay;
               and Vianna & Jones, 51 Atherton Street.
   Lisbon ~ Alexander Ogleby 
LISBON ~ "Tagus" ~ Thomas Kettle
                  "Washington" ~ Thomas Jones
    one of these vessels calls regularly on the 16th of each month.
  Liverpool ~ John Bibby & Co.; and Vianna & Jones.

NEW YORK ~ "Nestor" ~ William Lee (junior)
                     "Canada" ~ James Rodgers
                     "James Cropper" ~ Charles H. Marshall
                     "New York" ~ George Maxwell
                     "Pacific" ~ Solomon Maxwell
                     "Orbit" ~ Joseph Tinkham
                     "William Thompson" ~ R. R. Croker
                     "Columbia" ~ S. G. Macy
    one of these vessels sails from Liverpool and New York on the 1st and
    another on the 16th of every month in rotation.
  Liverpool ~ Cropper, Benson & Co., 31 Paradise Street.
  New Tork ~ Issac Wright & Son.


I will only be going down to the docks very occasionally, but there is a lot more to come.