1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.10


After the last two days of thick fog, when I was confined to exploring the 'cavernous' interiors of both the Custom House and the Excise Office, this evening is bright and crisp with a nearly full moon glistening on the water in the Docks and Basins and on the River Mersey beyond. The change in the weather seems to have lifted the spirits of the seafaring men because nautical ditties and some fiddle music fill the air around the multitude of Sailing Coastal vessels. Tallow lanterns shine like a thousand stars the full length of the waterfront, and men are getting ready to cast off at first light for the various ports around the British Isles. As time is short, I had better get a move on and list all the vessels going to ports starting with the letter 'D'.

"Mary and Sally" ~ master : Joseph ADAMS.
Liverpool : Thomas RICHARDS, 51 Mersey Street.

"Lady Florence" ~ master : Thomas BISHOP.
"Mary Frances" ~ master : John OWENS.
"St. George" ~ master : Philip HEANY.
"Helen" ~ master : Michael HEANY.
"Elizabeth" ~ master : Michael OWENS.
"Jane" ~ master : James McELHAGO.
"Elizabeth" ~ master : John CARLIN.
"Margaret" ~ master : James McCRARNEY.
"Prince Regent" ~ master : Thomas MORGAN.
"Pelican" ~ master : Peter BOYLAN.
"Fame" ~ master : Patrick McGUIRE.
"Unity" ~ master : George OWENS.
"Hooton" ~ master : Robert PARK.
"William" ~ master : Bartholomew BERRILL.
Liverpool : James FOUND, 19 Cooper's Row.
Drogheda : William APPLEYARD.
"Bibby" ~ master : Michael DOYLE.
"Nile" ~ master : John NIELD.
"Highfield" ~ master : Evan OWEN.
"Ceres" ~ master : David JONES.
"Lune" ~ master : Matthew KING.
"Preston" ~ master : John BLACKSTOCK.
"Fearon" ~ master : Thomas ROWE.
"Sampson" ~ master : John THOMAS.
two of these vessels sail each week from each port.
Liverpool : John BIBBY & Co., South Side Duke's Dock quay.
Dublin : John KERNAN, 76 Marlborough Street.
"Favourite" ~ master : Thomas BYRNE.
"Ann" ~ master : John DAVIES.
Liverpool : James FOUND, 19 Cooper's Row.
Dublin : Francis ELLIS, George's Quay.
"Irene" ~ master : Joseph BELL.
"Waterloo" ~ master : Charles JONES.
"Thomas" ~ master : William ROBERTS.
Liverpool : George EVANS, East End old dock.
Dublin : William FOLEY, 2 Aston quay.
"Orford" ~ master : David ISAAC.
"Hope" ~ master : Robert ROBERTS.
"Clwyd" ~ master : William GRIFFITHS.
Liverpool : Richard RANDLES, 28 North side Old Dock.
Dublin : William FOLEY, 2 Aston quay.
"Express" ~ master : J. THOMPSON.
"St. Patrick" ~ master : E. LLOYD.
Liverpool : James BENSON, 39 East end Old dock.
Dublin : William HODGES, Sackville Street.
**"Queensbury" ~ master : John GEDDES.**
"Lord Nelson" ~ master : John HARRIS.
"Henrietta" ~ master James GILLESPIE.
Liverpool : John & Robert THOMSON, Bold's Yard,
Strand Street.
Dumfries : John THOMSON & R. THOMSON [junior]
"Alice & Amelia" ~ master : Owen PRITCHARD.
"Betsey" ~ master : Thomas LEWIS.
"Fleece" ~ master : Alexander HOUSTON.
"Trafalgar" ~ master : Robert JONES.
"Happy Return" ~ master : J. DICKINSON.
"Mary Ann" ~ master : Samuel HOUGH.
Liverpool : Richard COPPELL, 38 King Street, Pool Lane.
Dundalk : Thomas CONNICK.

After making certain that there were no more vessels destined for ports beginning with 'D' , I joined a group of workmen and mariners sitting round a brazier on the waterfront. They offered me copious amounts of ale and large hunks of bread soaked in black treacle! The latter I did not enjoy, but not wanting to offend, I washed it down with even more jugs of ale! Before leaving (more like staggering) for home, I retraced my steps to have a word with the master of the **"Queensbury"**, which I saw tied up in Dumfries during my visit to Moffat. I wanted to know if the vessel was owned by the Duke of Queensbury & Buccleuch who resides in Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfriesshire. John GEDDES was tight lipped about this, so I presumed from his silence that I had guessed correctly. With that mission accomplished I returned home to sleep extremely soundly. My next visit to the docks will commence with vessels sailing to Exeter, and in a couple of days I will also resume my wanderings up and down the streets of the town.