1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.11


Having had a most enjoyable evening yesterday tramping round the streets looking for my long lost relatives, in ideal but extremely frosty conditions, I have now resumed my visit to the waterfront on what looks like being another perfectly clear night. The one thing that sticks out is the ice forming around the hulls of the various boats at the quays, and the christmas like icicles swinging slowly in the light north easterly on the various ropes and nets festooning the area. In the breeze these icicles chime like a thousand distant church bells. I can again see the seamen sitting around the braziers and small fires, their breath showing up in the firelight like a thousand dragons! One very rotund man with a ruddy complexion offered me a large tot of rum to keep out the cold while I wandered around the docks looking for vessels going to the various coastal destinations which are forming the lists I am building up. Today I start with:-

"Mayflower" ~ master : John Williams
"Mary and Susan" ~ master : William Henly
Liverpool: E. Marwood, 16 Mersey Street.
Exeter: William May
"Louisa" ~ master : Thomas Davies
Liverpool: Thomas Richards, 51 Mersey Street.
"William" ~ master : John Courtenay
"Churchill" ~ master : Nicholas Horswell
Liverpool: Edward Marwood, 16 Mersey Street.
Truro: W. T. Chappell
"Flint" ~ master : Richard Edge
"St.Winefrid" ~ master : John Bowden
"Dotty" ~ master : Thomas Poole
"Dee" ~ master : John Porter
Liverpool: Mather, Parkes & Co., 23 Cornhill, and
                     J. Taylor, Salthouse Dock.
"Hope" ~ master : William Rees
"Jane" ~ master : William Sheran
Liverpool: John O'Neill, 68 south side Old Dock.
[Clyde & Liverpool Shipping Co..]
"Swift" ~ master : Joseph Irving
"Arrow" ~ master : Joseph Gilchrist
"Amity" ~ master : Colin Cooke
"Hope" ~ master : John Nisbet
"Fame" ~ master : David Irving
"Clyde" ~ master : John Anderson
"Star" ~ master : David Robertson
two or three of these vessels sail every week from each port.
Liverpool: Moffat, Martin & Co., 14 east side Dry Dock.
Glasgow: James Martin, 21 Virginia Street.
"Edinburgh" ~ master : Robert Wilson
"Glasgow" ~ master : John Mirk
"Java" ~ master : Alexander Martin
"Liverpool" ~ master : James Crawford
"Manchester" ~ master : Thomas Goodsman
"Maria" ~ master Thomas Peobles
two or three of these vessels sail every week from each port.
Liverpool: Hugh Matthie & Theakstone, 9 George's Dock passage.
Glasgow: John & Alexander Kidd, Melville Place.
"Stag" ~ master : William Johnstone
"Lion" ~ master : Lowrie Turnbull
"Ailsa" ~ master : John Williams
"Tiger" ~ master : Robert Hepburn
"Swan" ~ master : John Aitken
"Brilliant" ~ master : David Shaw
three of these vessels sail every week from each port.
Liverpool: William Swan Dixon, 4 Irwell Street.
Glasgow: John Davidson & Co., 12 Wilson Street.

That seems to be the end of ports beginning with 'G' which is most fortunate because my note book is now full, and my tallow lantern has all but gone out! I am therefore going to rejoin my new found friends near the entrance to the waterfront to enjoy some good company, and I hope! some liquid refreshment ~ but not I hope any hunks of bread soaked in black treacle as on a previous jaunt. Next time I visit the docks and basins, I think the first vessels I will find will be ones destined for HEST BANK.