1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.13


As those of you who are also following my wanderings around the alley-ways and streets of 1825 Liverpool will remember, on my last walk the morning was heralded by a vivid crimson sun. This gave the clouds an eerie appearance and where the wet cobbled streets caught the light, they shone like rivers of lava from some unseen volcano. As many a seafarer will tell you, a sky such as this at day break often comes before a storm. By the time I was ready to take leave of my household and venture to the waterfront, the wind had reached an alarming strength and was howling through the narrow alleyways leading to the docks, carrying roof slates and tiles with it on it's journey! I debated whether I should indeed venture further, but I decided to carry on and see what havoc the storm was causing on the river. When I reached the water's edge, a sorry sight caught my eye, two small sailing vessels had slipped their moorings and had capsized. The rest of those vessels that were originally tied up on the river quays had sought refuge in the more enclosed docks and basins. As the storm was still raging, I decided to cheat today, and do my listing of Sailing Coastal Traders from the relative security of a nightwatchman's shed. So here we go.

"John" ~ master : William MacDonald
"Greyhound" ~ master : Alexander King
"Robert" ~ master : Michael MacMullin 
"Bartley" ~ master : John Clark
one of these vessels sails every week from each port.
Liverpool - Sydebotham & Jenkins, 3 north end Dry Dock.
Londonderry - James McCrea
"Duke of Richmond" ~ master : J. Shannon
Liverpool - John Deakin, Duke's Dock.
MILNTHORP - see Hest Bank
NEWCASTLE - see Hull
"Emerald Isle" ~ master : James O'Hagan
"Fortitude" ~ master : James O'Neill
"Active" ~ master : Alexander Leacey
"Phoenix" ~ master : Thomas Fearan
"Thomas Hyde" ~ master : Thomas Trappes
one of these vessels sails every week from each port.
Liverpool - Edward Darby, 23 east side Salthouse Dock.
Newry - Robert Purdon.
"Earl Kilmorey" ~ master : William Wheley
"Hannah" ~ master : J. Savage
"St. Patrick" ~ master : Thomas Seed
"Erin" ~ master : John O'Neill
Liverpool - Gibson & Brackenridge, 7 Pitt Street.
Newry - Jefferson & Godfrey.
PENZANCE - see Plymouth
"Whitehall" ~ master : Thomas Swan
Vessels frequently loaded for Biddeford, Barnstable,
Dartmouth, Exeter, Falmouth, Penzance, Plymouth, &c.,
not regular traders.
Liverpool - Thomas Richards, 51 Mersey Street.
"Union" ~ master : William Cox
"Vertumnus" ~ master : Robert Kirkaldy
Liverpool - Edward Marwood, 16 Mersey Street.
Plymouth - Robert Kirkaldy, Hampton Buildings.
"Phoenix" ~ master : William Jones
"Juliana" ~ master : Evan Jones
"Sisters" ~ master : William Ellis
Liverpool - John Frith, Dry Dock.
"Rhydland Packet" ~ master : Roger Evans
"Rhydland Trader" ~ master : William Hughes
"David Williams" ~ master : Owen Roberts
Liverpool - John & William Rimmer & Co., 10 east side
                                                                Dry Dock.
Rhydland - John Evans, Church Street.
"John" ~ master : John Jones
"Otter" ~ master : John Woodward
"Waterloo" ~ master : John Marsh
Liverpool - John Frith, Dry Dock.
"Rhydland Castle" ~ master : John Garner
"British Oak" ~ master : Peter Johnson
Liverpool - John Sothern, 3 north side Duke's Dock quay;
and Mrs Griffiths, "Denbighshire Tavern", Strand Street.
Rhydland - Cornelius Evans.

As it appears that I have reached the end of destinations beginning with "R", I have decided to call it a day and battle my way home against the wind, which though it has abated slightly, is still strong enough to throw one off balance. Having noticed that one of the Agents for the Rhydland sailings was the licencee of a tavern in Strand Street, I decided I would make a detour and venture in for a tot of rum. The next time I go down to the docks, I will start by looking which vessels are sailing to STRANGFORD. In the meantime, if the wind subsides sufficiently, I will go and look for some more relatives in the town

Bye for now