1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.14


I don't know were the time has gone since I last went down to the docks on 20th November. The alternating fogs and gales at the tale end of the year, have now given way to long spells of cold frosty weather with a biting northerly wind carrying flurries of snow with it. Everytime the tide recedes, it leaves sheets of thin ice on the mud flats which are lifted by the next in coming tide and deposited at high water line. After weeks of this coming and going a cliff of ice begins to form on all the beaches that the tide affects. It is a strange phenomenon which is attracting much attention from the populace, but is causing much anxiety to the seafarers who have to haul their small boats over these obstacles to reach the safety of the upper beaches. My absence from the docks had not gone without notice, and as I entered the gates earlier today I was met by several of my old mariner friends who asked me to join them for a New Year's tot of rum. I then started on my quest to find further Sailing Coastal Traders. Starting with the destination port of:

"James" ~ master : D. Quaile
"Farmer" ~ master : A. McMullen
"James" ~ master : J. Coleman
"Frances Ann" ~ master : J. Quaile
"Hope" ~ master : John Porter
Liverpool - James Found, 19 Cooper's Row.
"Ann" ~ master : Moses Noble
"Mary Ann" ~ master : James Storey
"Commerce" ~ master : Oliver Haydock
"Edward" ~ master : William Thompson
"Nancy" ~ master : William Brocklebank
"Fylde" ~ master : William Ferguson
"Neptune" ~ master : John Benson
"Henry" ~ master : James Holmes
"Peggy" ~ master : John Holmes
"Importer" ~ master : John Park
"Sisters" ~ master : John Brocklebank
"Jane" ~ master : William Moss
"Trader" ~ master : John Hewitson
"Mary Ann" ~ master : John Hannay
"Mary" ~ master : Richard Storey
"William" ~ master : James Pernie
"Bee" ~ master : Thomas Summers
all from Dry Dock
"Leonidas" ~ master : Thomas Lovering
"Albion" ~ master : W. D. Price
"Ocean" ~ master : G. Chalicombe
"Elizabeth" ~ master : Thomas Fisher
"Eliza and Ann" ~ master : E. Hamnett
"Mary" ~ master : J. Jenkins
"Sportsman" ~ master : N. Coster
"Avon" ~ master : R. Willis
Liverpool - Thomas Parker, 19 James Street.
Waterford - Pope and Son.
"Ann" ~ master : Robert Dunlop
Liverpool - James Found, 19 Cooper's Row.
"Union" ~ master : D. Kinsella
"Wellington" ~ master : P. Hore
"Active" ~ master : P. King
"Mary Ann" ~ master : Nicolas Murphy
"Diamond" ~ master : R. Codd
"Ann" ~ master : A. M. Whitty
"Mary & Betty" ~ master : William Hull
"Mary" ~ master : John Hull
"Janet" ~ master : James Devereux
"Marquis of Ely" ~ master : James Roach
"Mary" ~ master : Thomas Whitty
"Michael" ~ master : J. Barry
"Hibernia" ~ master : John Hore
"William" ~ master : Martin Walsh
"Brilliant" ~ master : Peter Walsh
"Adventure" ~ master : William Devereux
"Armada" ~ master : John Kinsella
"Betsy" ~ master : J. Lambert
three or four of the above vessels sail from each port
every week.
Liverpool - Richard Coppell, 38 King Street, Pool Lane.
Wexford - Reed & Matthew Devereux.
"Nimble" ~ master : John Kennedy
"Supply" ~ master : John Hannah
"Despatch" ~ master : William Marshall
one of these vessels sails from each port every week.
Liverpool - William Dowson, 4 North end Dry Dock.
Whitehaven - Thomas Hammond.
"Prince Waterloo" ~ master : Thomas Fox
"Newry" ~ master : H. O'Neill
"Ann" ~ master : James Doolitttle
"Seven Brothers" (no master at present)
"Margaret" ~ master : James Davies
Liverpool - Richard Coppell, 38 King Street, Pool Lane.
"Recovery" ~ master : James McEwin
"Derwent" ~ master : Simon Graham
Liverpool - Dry Dock
Workington - Michael Falcon (agent)

This believe it or not, is the end of the list of Sailing Coastal Traders. I have checked with the various port officials and unless new owners register, I don't think I will find anymore in Liverpool. I am not however deserting the waterfront, as I know I will find many more interesting things to let youj know about. I am at present however, frozen to the marrow and intend to find a friendly tavern, with a large wood fire and some piping hot Lancashire Hot Pot - hopefully with dumplings. This will be washed down with copious quantities of mulled ale. Then it is home to bed. Next time I will be looking at the new fangled Steam Ships and Packets, which now seem to be taking over from the sailing traders. Anyway, see you next week - in the meantime I hope to resume my wanderings around our streets, hoping to find you some more relatives!

Bye for now,