1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.16


I am taking the opportunity to pay another visit to the Waterfront to list some of the new Steam Ships and Packets. The weather is reasonably kind today, but I am wearing a sheepskin body warmer to keep out the cold. On reaching the docks however, I find that the fog, which has rolled back from the higher ground, is now forming a blanket over the Mersey. All that can be seen of the various and sundry vessels are the masts, sails and strange pipe like structures belching smoke and adding to the blanket on the river. Above this rolling cover, the sun is shining making the scene even more unreal. On reaching the water edge I find that the belching pipes are in fact the smoke stacks of the steam vessels............oh! for a return to the sailing ships of old! Anyway I mustn't forget the purpose of my journey; the listing of the ships and packets.

The "Lady Stanley" and "Maria",
sail regularly during summer three times a day, viz. at
8 morning, half past 11 in the forenoon, and 2 in the
afternoon; during winter, at 8 morning, 11 forenoon,
and 2 after noon, from the Parade, west side George's
Dock, to Eastham, where coaches are in readiness
to convey passengers to Chester, Wrexham, Oswestry,
Ellesmere, Shrewsbury &c.. Passengers, by the above
packets arrive at Chester in two hours and a half from
the time of leaving Liverpool. Places taken at:
Mr. Thomas Dod's, Chester & Eastham Packet
House, 32 James Street.
The "Earl of Bridgewater" ~ captain : James Radley
sails every day, and during the summer twice every
day, from George's Dock, Pier Head for Ellesmere
Port, whence passengers are conveyed by new canal
packets to Chester. The passage is performed in three
hours. Information respecting the forwarding of goods,
&c. may be obtained at the following offices:
Liverpool - James Radley, 1 Strand Street
             -  John Bolton's, 1 Irwell Street, Mann Island.
Chester - R. Griffith, Canal Tavern, Tower Wharf.
The "City of Glasgow" and the "Majestic", Mail
Packets sail regularly between each port, during the
months of June, July, and Aug. three days per week,
and other months every Monday and Friday, calling at
the Isle of Man.
Liverpool - John Richardson, 17 Water Street.
Douglas, Isle of Man - Thomas McMeiken & Co.
Greenock - James Little & Co..
The "Belfast" sails for Newry every Tuesday and Friday.
Liverpool - William Stweart, 25 Redcross Street.
Newry - L. Transon.
The "Eclipse" ~ captain : John Janion
sails regularly every day during the summer, from
George's Dock, Pier Head for Runcorn, to meet the
Old Quay Co.'s regular line of canal packets, direct
to the New Bailey-bridge, Manchester. During the
winter there is a conveyance between Liverpool and
Manchester as frequently as the tides will admit. An
extra packet during summer leaves the New Bailey-
bridge, Manchester, every day, by which conveyance
passengers and luggage are conveyed to Liverpool in
seven hours. Information relative to the forwarding of
goods, &c., may be obtained at the following packet-
Liverpool - John Nall's, 1 George's Dock Passage.
Runcorn - P. Johnson's Hotel.
Manchester - Jane Weston's. George & Dragon, 
                        1 Gartside Street, Bridge Street.
The "Duke of Bridgewater" ~ captain : Israel Irlam
sails from George's Dock, Pier Head, every day
during the summer months, for Weston Point and
Runcorn. A canal packet leaves Runcorn immediately
on arrival of the above steam packet and proceeds
direct to Knott Mill Wharf, Manchester. On this line the
passage is performed in about seven hours. An extra
packet leaves Knott Mill Wharf, Manchester every day,
by which passengers are forwarded to Liverpool. 
During the winter, there is a conveyance between
Liverpool and Manchester, as frequently as the tides
At Weston Point, another canal packet meets the
steam packet, (from March to November) to convey
passengers to Northwich and the interior of Cheshire.
Information respecting the forwarding of goods,
passengers, &c., may be obtained at the following
Liverpool - John Bolton's, 1 Irwell Street, Mann Island.
              - James Radley's, ! Strand Street.
Runcorn - William Johnson's, Bridgewater Arms
             - John Davies', Royal Hotel.
Manchester - Henry Gould's, Runcorn Boat House,
                                                Knott Mill.
The "Britannia" Steam Ferry Packet sails every
morning at eight o'clock from George's Dock, Pier
Head for Tranmere, where passengers may be
accommodated with a coach for Chester, which returns
at three in the afternoon, when this packet returns to
Liverpool - John Nall, 1 George's Dock Passage.
              - Henry Clayton, 12 Nova Scotia.

That's the end of the list of Steam Ships and Packets, next time I visit I will look at the Steam Ferry Packets and the few remaining Sailing Packets. The wind has at last picked up, but still from a cold northerly direction, but the Mersey's blanket has now been dispersed. Having completed today's 'mission' I have met up with some of my friends of earlier jaunts and we are going to a tavern on the waterfront to exchange tales of the sea, sing a few shanties and indulge in a little quaffing of ale, On the way, we pass some young fisherman, sitting round a fire mending their nets and chewing baccy (filthy habit!). Anyway, no doubt there will be more to report tomorrow.