1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.2

My reference to 'tramping' is that I am also going up and down all the streets of 1825 Liverpool and recording who lives where. I have done all the 'A' and 'B' streets, and will be starting on the 'C's soon. I have worn out several pairs of clogs already!! The streets have appeared on LANCSGEN and ENG-LIVERPOOL sites. If anyone is desperate to see them, contact me and I will see what I can do.
Before my tramping starts again, I thought I would just go down to the Docks for a second time to see what other vessels might be coming and going. In a few more years (1858 to be precise) my great grandfather William Simpson would have sat in his Sitting Room window watching the comings and goings of all the ships ~ he lived on the Landing Stage. In 1939, as a young boy, I went to stay with my great aunt (Violet Simpson, one of William's daughters) on the Landing Stage and I remember the liners and troop ships arriving and departing. What a sad thing the Stage is now that the liners have gone!
Anyway, back to 1825!



NEW YORK ~ "Meteor" ~ H. Gardiner
                "Manhatton" ~ R. Rickertson
                "John Wells" ~ Isaac Harris
                "Panthea" ~ Thomas Bennett
one of these vessels sails on the 8th of every month from Liverpool, and on
the 24th of every month, from New York.
  Joint agents in Liverpool: Cropper, Benson & Co., 31 Paradise Street 
                             and A.& S. Richards & Co., 1 Goree.
                  New York: Byrnes, Trimble & Co..

NEW YORK ~ "Leeds" ~ W. Stoddart
           "Cortez" ~ Nash de Cost
           "Corinthian" ~ G. W. Davies
           a new ship now building ~ H.Holdridge
    one of these vessels sails from Liverpool on the 24th, 
    and from New York on the 8th of every month.
  Agents, Liverpool: A. & S. Richards, 1 Goree.
          New York: Fish & Grinnell, and Thadeus Phelps & Co..
PHILADELPHIA ~ "Algonquin" ~ Charles Dixey
               "Tuscarora" ~ James Serrill
               "Alexander" ~ Stephen Baldwin
               "Montezuma" ~ Thomas Potts
    on of these vessels sails from Liverpool, on the 8th of every month except
    and one from Philadelphia on the 20th of every month except January.
  Agents, Liverpool: William & James Brown & Co., 34 Strand Street.
          Philadelphia: T. P. Cope & Sons.
PHILADELPHIA ~ "Florida" ~ James L. Wilson
               "Julius Caesar" ~ F. M. French
               "Delaware" ~ John Hamilton
               "Colossus" ~ Richard Urann
               "Courier" ~ G. Wallace
 one of these vessels sails on the 20th of every month.
  Agents, Liverpool: Rathbone Brothers & Co., 1 Cornhill & 6 Gower Street.
          Philadelphia: Spackman & Wilson.
PHILADELPHIA ~ "Sarah Ralston" ~ ?
               "Manchester" ~ Charles Winslow
               "Plato" ~ James Birkett
               "Dido" ~ William W. West
 one of these sails every month.
  Agents: Shipley, Welsh & Co., 7 King Street, Pool Lane.

PASSENGERS' OFFICE, No. 4 Cooper's Row, established by the American Chamber
of Commerce, and the Merchants generally.
                                 W. S. FITZHUGH, Agent.


My next visit to the quays and docks will be to look at destinations, vessels and masters of Coasting Traders. But before that I will try out my new boots and tramp a few more of the Liverpool Streets of 1825.