1825 LIVERPOOL ~ Waterfront ~ No.20


Following my exhilarating walk in the spring sunshine yesterday, I decided to get up early this morning and walk down to EXCHANGE BUILDINGS and see who did what in the maze of corridors. Little did I realize that this was no mean task I had set myself, and by late afternoon had only managed to get about half way round. Anyway, here is my list as far as No. 12! I am letting my sea-faring friends have this list as many of the people here deal in maritime matters. The address in brackets after the main entry, is the home address of the main characters in the various firms. I promised you last time that I would start giving you details of people providing for ships and seafarers ~ this will come after I have finished meandering around the EXCHANGE BUILDINGS.

1   Sir John Tobin, Knt. ~ Merchant & Ship Owner
        (Oak Hill)
1   Charles Horsfall & Co. ~ Merchants & Ship Owners
        (8 Netherfield Lane North)
1   Cooke & Comer ~ Cotton Brokers
        (Isaac Cooke, Mill Bank, West Derby)
        (William Comer, 33 Pembroke Place)
1   George Quayle ~ Merchant
        (7 Daulby Street)
2   William Hodgkinson Morehead ~ Merchant
        (9 Beau Street)
2   John Garnett ~ Merchant
        (Park Hill, Toxteth Park)
3   James Maury Esq.. ~ Merchant & American Consul
        (38 Rodney Street)
3   Maury, Latham & Co. ~ Merchants
        (James Maury, 38 Rodney Street)
        (Arthur Latham, 35 Rodney Street)
4   Euing & Rathbone ~ Merchants, Ship & Insurance Brokers
        (W. R. Euing, 5 St. Anne Street)
4   Thomas F. Dyson ~ Merchant
        (2 Church Street, Everton)
5   Salisbury, Turner & Earle ~ Brokers
        (Nicholas Salisbury, Lawn, Aigburth)
        (John Heywood Turner, 16 Rodney Street)
        (Hardman Earle, 21 Hope Street)
6   James Howell ~ Cotton Broker
6   James Stock ~ Cotton Broker
        (6 Great Richmond Street)
7   Francis Harwood jnr ~ Cotton Broker
        (8 King Street, Soho)
7   Samuel Dutton ~ Broker
        (Willow Bank, West Derby)
7   William Alsope & Son ~ Cotton Brokers
        (William Alsope sen, 2 Leeds Street)
        (William Alsope jnr, 2 Moira Street)
8   Samuel Peck ~ Merchant
        (44 Upper Islington)
8   Samuel Needham & Co ~ Brokers
        (Rock Cottage, Cheshire)
8   J. & T. Martindale ~ Cotton Brokers
        (Joseph & Thomas Martindale, 18 Norton Street)
9   Richard Tetley & Co ~ Cotton Brokers
        (12 Torbock Street)
9   John Vanzeller & Co ~ Merchants
        (9 Wavertree Road)
10  William Whitehouse ~ Broker & Agent to the West of
      England Fire & Life Insurance Office
        (124 Duke Street, Hanover Street)
10  Thomas Tattersall & Sons ~ Cotton Brokers
        (16 Everton Terrace)
10  Sandbach, Tinne & Co ~ West India Merchants & Ship Owners
        (Samuel Sandbach, 41 St. Anne Street)
        (Philip Frederick Tinne, 27 St. Anne Street)
11  Benjamin Batley & Son ~ Brokers
        (11 Everton Terrace)
12  Headlam & Conway ~ Insurance Brokers
        (Thomas Headlam, Aigburth)
        (John Conway, 1 Upper Stanhope Street)
12  T. & I. Littledale ~ Brokers
        (Thomas Littledale, 12 Colquitt Street)
        (Isaac Littledale, 7 Colquitt Street)

As I said at the beginning of this list, this is the point at which the daylight was starting to fail, and the corridors were taking on a rather gloomy appearance. Few oil-lamps lit the long canyon like passages, and many of the occupants of the various offices at long since gone to their various homes. Finding the janitor of this mausoleum of a place, I was escorted to a side door and rapidly made for home. I will resume my wanderings around EXCHANGE BUILDINGS soon......