1825 LIVERPOOL Waterfront ~ No.3


I thought I would do a bit of 'Coastal Trading' today round 1825 UK coastline.
All from Liverpool to the ports shown.

"Liverpool Packet" master George Reid
Agents:     Liverpool ~ High Craig, 7 King Street, Pool Lane.
                 Aberdeen ~ Robert Mitchell
"Mary" master John Davies
"Venus" master John Davies
"Margaret" master John Evans
"Sincerity" master Rees Lewis
Agent:       Liverpool ~ John Frith, Dry Dock.
"Mermaid" master William Thomas
"Margaret" master T. Evans
"Juno" master William Williams
"Sampson" master Richard Hughes
"Providence" master Hugh Williams
"Vigor" master Jonathan Rowling
"Hope" master Hugh Thomas
"Wellington" master William Parry
from Dry Dock & Pinces' Dock Basin.
"Bella" master J. Mullins
"Jane" master Robert Rea
"Isabella" master Captain Blacklock
"William & Ann" master John Logan
"Ann" master James Logan
"Martha" master J. Brown
from Dry Dock.
"Nancy" master John Price
"William" master George Kearon
"Success" master Richard Kearon
Agent:    Liverpool ~ Richard Coppell, 38 King Street, Pool Lane.
"Three Sisters" master Robert Millrey
"Henry Brougham" master Robert Lowry
Agents:    Liverpool ~ George Heulson, 37 East Side Salthouse dock.
                  Ayr ~ James Telfair & Co..


As far as I can see [it's a bit foggy!] all these are Sailing Coasters, the Steam Packets etc., will come on a later visit. Must stop now, will come back to the Sailing Coasters later on.